Why The Dot In The Circle Always Win – Obaseki

‘The Dot in the Circle’ phrase has been in the discussion fore the past few weeks, all thanks to the coinage of Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari.

The African nation ruler had in an interview with Arise Television declared that the Indigenous People Of Biafra (IPOB) and in extension the South-East are dots in the circle when quizzed about the crisis in the Southeastern part of the country.

This elicited reactions from Nigerians, with many berating the President for making such remark on a section of the same country he governs.

Dr Pedro Obaseki is one of those who did not find the President’s statement charitable but  he brought out a positive from the President’s statement: that in the history of the world, a geographical area referred to ‘a dot in the circle’ always emerge victorious.

Obaseki, a Media guru and a former AIT Director in an interview with Njenje Media had opined:

“But I must say this dot in the circle always win, the history of the world has proven that, he can go to Westimore, he can ask those in Israel, he can ask, it’s clear. The minorities will win because the world is so skewed thus and these minorities are those who are so upwardly mobile that we have changed the Nigerian engagement with the outer world, so the 1967 narrative cannot fly”.

Doctor Don Pedro Obaseki went on to infer that Nigeria is the first African country to be ruled by terrorists, drawing inference from the retention of Nigeria’s Minister of Communication, Dr. Isa Patanmi  whose public alignment with ISIS and ISWAP years back came to the fore recently. Obaseki also corroborated his point that it would pass as one of the reasons why Boko-Haram has not been declared a terrorist organization by the Buhari-led government.

He goes on to describe the personality of President Buhari in not so glowing terms when he said:

“What I see in Mr. Buhari or General Buhari is like a rehash of the Amoral B code of law, an eye for an eye. Unfortunately his determined eye that was injured and he is also determined how to pay back with other eyes and that shows the president has a Pompeian syndrome. He described in that clip that IPOB are just dots in the sand, So with those statements, it is clear that the gloves are off.”

THE VENT REPUBLIC reports that in the interview, Dr Pedro minced no words to posit about what he termed the nepotistic mindset of the President.

The rain may beat the leopard but it would not wash off its spots and spots of Mr. President, of Mr. Buhari has so become so clear and the shelter he provides is simply for his ethnic nationalities. Let me borrow from my friend, Tony  Nnadi, the Fulani caliphate, the Fulani hegemony, the Fulani sequester oligarchy is what is the problem and coming to start calling our elders, whoever they are, amorphous as they may be,  and in all interviews that he has done, he has made it clear that his agenda is simple, a decimation of those he feels are lesser human beings in this country, he has made it clear from his body language, spoken language and all else that Nigeria is a different country with different nations. The nation is a state of mind and in state of mind of Mr. President, his brothers who he said in that interview from the Western Sudan and the Central Sudan and other parts of Fulanized West Africa, are first and foremost the people in his mind.” He added.

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