Stop disgracing Wizkid – Seun Kuti blasts fans

Seun Kuti has blasted some fans of Wizkid who told him that Wizkid’s supposed nice reply to his earlier rant was mere sarcasm.

 Wizkid reacting to a post of Seun Kuti disagreeing with his fans that he’s a Grammy award winner asked Seun Kuti not to mind his fans and take his saxophones and make some music because they all enjoy his music.

According to Seun Kuti, the useless fans of Wizkid are the ones always replying to his post as the intelligent ones do whole-heartedly agree with him saying the useless ones are disgracing Wizkid by fighting for him when he himself isn’t bothered.

Seun Kuti added that Wizkid telling him not to find his fans should tell the fans that they are cool and have no bad blood between them but then the useless ones continue to be on his nerves trying to fight for Wizkid.

Seun Kuti then challenged them to build a school in the name of Wizkid or do something tangible or long lasting for him and that will be the only thing that will make him regard them as something if not they are nothing to him.

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