Three sustain injuries at a fight during Osun APC Meeting


Three APC supporters were injured during a fight which broke out during a meeting in Ife East Local Development Council Area on Friday.

The meeting was held at St. Stephen Grammar School, Modakeke and it came to a halt when the APC Chairman for the LCDA, Taiwo Olalonkun asked some of the members present to give their reactions to the allegations that the aide to the Governor on Science and Innovation, Ismail Akande changed the list of people selected for community policing in the ancient town.

Olalonkun accused Akande of substituting the list and replacing them with his allies.

 As reported by Punch Newspapers, Olalonkun stated: “It is not true that six party members were injured during the meeting. We were at our local executive meeting on Friday.  At a point during the meeting, our members asked our representative, Kareem Ismail, about recruitment into the community policing initiative. We got eight slots in the community and the candidates were nominated by the Modakeke community. But when the list was eventually released, none of those listed by the community was selected.

 “They only picked five people who were not on the list produced by the community. Those selected don’t even know anything about security. People in the town alleged that our party cheated them. We did our investigations and we discovered that Akande changed the list.

“Some of our members during the meeting asked the Personal Assistant to Akande, the reason those listed by the community were replaced by his boss, but his response infuriated our members the more and a fight broke out.”

In reaction, Akande told his side of the story when he said: “This is not the first time that such a thing will happen to me. In June 2020, we were organising a programme, these people sent hoodlums to the venue of the programme. They disrupted the programme and destroyed the party’s flag. Yesterday (Friday) my PA was brutally attacked during a meeting. A month ago, I was called and told to submit five names for community policing officers which I did. The names I submitted were indigenes of Modakeke. I never knew that some names were already submitted. They were only hiding under that to cause trouble in the community. I did not change the names submitted by the community.”

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