These goats are cultists – Goats eating food from the fire

The food was still being cooked at it was seen boiling hot on fire, however, the cook was not around to see the goats as they took advantage of her absence to make hay whiles the sun shines and astonishingly they did not care about getting hurt in the process as fire was blazing under the post and one tumble from the firewood can leave severe injuries on them.

Some are the reactions below:

You cant tell me these are normal goats oh , wooo aunty kemi , amara n ugochi show yourselves jare na una be this 


These goat’s na cultists they be like people wey go boarding school and hot food na 5/6 them get cooler for mouth ..


Moral lesson: sometimes you just have to go ahead as e dey hot, no time to waste time.

@wisdomcounsellin wrote

Nobody is concerned that they will still serve people from what is cooking 

@phantom_mode wrote

These goats are the original hoodlums. These ones can eat destiny if you allow them

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