Popular Lesbian Amara denied an apartment by Landlady

Amara a popular lesbian has disclosed how she lost a house after her landlady went through her social media handles and discovered she is a lesbian.

Sharing the story via her Twitter handle, Amara wrote;

”so, I found a house and the landlady asked for my social media handle. then and there, I knew I had lost the house. two days later, I’ve gotten feedback from the agent “I’m trying to get something else for you. landlady said you are a lesbian and it’s a sin” oh well.”

Amara is well known in the Nigerian media space for her pro LGBTQ views and Nigeria is a largely homophobic country with the gay alw promulgated during the Goodluck Jonathan Presidency that prohibits same sex relations and slams the gay community with a 14 year prison term for same sex marriage.

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