Grandson of popular billionaire commits suicide

The Ilorin, Kwara State home of the Managing Director of Royals Fast Food, Ilorin, Prince John and Lola Olabayo, a daughter of the famous billionaire, Prince Samuel Adedoyin is presently in crisis over the suicide of their 28 year old son Subomi.

His body was found in the early hours of Tuesday, June 22 in their home. Sources close to the family said that he was depressed for sometime and had an endless conflict with his father.

His mother was said to have travelled to Abeokuta on Tuesday for an event. Subomi became moody and withdrawn for a long time but his girlfriend who was pregnant for him used to cheer him up whenever she was around.

According to First Weekly Magazine, “The girl is about four months pregnant for him. When the girl came around on Tuesday, Subomi’s father snubbed her and he did not attend to her,” said a source.

We were reliably informed that Subomi got infuriated and stormed out of the house and that they didn’t hear from him until around 5pm, when they saw his dead body in the backyard.

What however surprised many people was the allegation that John, Subomi’s father did not wait for his mother before transfering his body to the hospital and making arrangement for a quick burial.

“The mother fainted when she heard the news and she was hospitalized. The father is now making an arrangement to bury Subomi today without any autopsy. I think the issues that led to this tragic incident should be investigated even in the interest of the reputable family,everything is still in the realm of speculation.

“His father even went with them to the mortuary to deposit his body and a lot of controversies now surround his death,” a source said.

Friends and family are said to be sympathizing with Princess Lola Olabayo who is said to be in a hospital outside Ilorin.

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