Benacquisto Scholarship for High School Graduates

Benacquisto Scholarship for High School Graduates

Benacquisto Scholarship for High School Graduates

The cost of attending high school in America makes it difficult to succeed. And the majority of the time, students borrow money to accomplish this.

The Benacquisto scholarship for high school grads, however, aids outstanding high school graduates.

A Florida high school graduate who receives the National Merit Award is eligible for the Benacquisto scholarship. The Florida National Merit was its original name. However, this scholarship’s name was changed to Benacquisto Scholarship in 2019. This name change honors Senator Lizbeth Benacquisto, a fervent grant booster.

In fact, the Benacquisto Scholarship program aids in solving this issue. Florida residents who have completed high school can use this stipend to pursue higher education.

How Does the Benacquisto Scholarship Work?

The National Merit Scholar program in Florida awards scholarships based on merit to high school graduates. The student is now able to attend a Florida institution thanks to this award. Also, this is open to both in-state and out-of-state students.

What is the Benacquisto Scholarship Procedure?

You must take the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Exam before anything else. This test can only be taken in October of each year. The test is taken by a lot of students in their first and second years, though. Yet, only their junior year’s test results are significant.

What Grade Is Required For The Benacquisto Scholarship?

On the basis of the scores from all the states, it is frequently difficult to rate those who were awarded the Benacquisto scholarship. Semifinalists and Commended Students are determined by the top 50,000 National Merit Scholarship scores.

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What Is The Benacquisto Scholarship Worth?

In Florida, the Benacquisto Scholarship gives out-of-state (those residing outside the state) and in-state (those residing within the state) college graduates each $21,210.

How to Go Ahead With Benacquisto Awards

More brilliant students were given Benacquisto prizes to attend Florida’s colleges in order to strengthen them. In other words, you can probably guess how many smart people are there.

Prior to the name change, only Florida-based students were eligible for this prize. A student from another state can now apply for the Benacquisto Scholarship, though.


The prerequisites for applying to any Benacquito Scholarship are as follows:

  • You must also have a Florida high school diploma or its equivalent from a Florida public high school or a Florida private school that is authorized by the Florida Department of Education in order to qualify.
  • You must also not be charged with any crimes.
  • But, you must be accepted by and enrol in a degree or certificate program at a Florida public or independent postsecondary school in order to qualify. In addition, you must enroll for a full-time load of at least 12 credits per term.
  • Non-Florida residents must reside in Florida or within driving distance of the institution’s campus.

Study Level and Field

This scholarship is for a senior in a US high school who plans to enroll in undergraduate coursework at any university in Florida.

Hosting Country

The USA is where the Benacquito Scholarship is held.

Qualifying Nationality

However, only US citizens are eligible for the Benacquisto scholarship, which can be used at any university in Florida. The Benacquisto award is therefore restricted to eight semesters of study.

Amount of the Benacquito Scholarship Award

As a result, Benacquito scholarship recipients get an annual grant that is equivalent to the institutional cost of attendance (COA) less the total of the Bright Futures (BF) and National Merit Awards. This leads to [Benacquisto Scholarship = COA – (BF + NM)].

Also, non-Florida residents will get a scholarship that covers the cost of living on campus for in-state students. There are no out-of-state fees for students from other states. [The Benaquisto Scholarship is COA-NM].

Most importantly, you cannot use this scholarship to pay for summer coursework.

What is the Benacquisto Scholarship Application Process?

There isn’t a process for applying for this scholarship. But, the applicant must have a strong PSAT score. Most importantly, the grade may assist the applicant receive a National Merit Award. Visit the listed official website for further details.

Official Website

When is the Benacquisto Scholarship application deadline?

The application date for scholarships is typically February .

Frequently Asked Questions about Benacquisto Scholarship

Taxes are they paid by Benacquisto Scholarship recipients?

The Benacquisto Scholarship covers accommodation and tuition, so beneficiaries do not owe taxes.

What is the purpose of the Benacquisto Scholarship?

A program in Florida called the Benacquisto Scholarship awards high school graduates who receive the National Merit Scholar award merit-based scholarships.

What is the value of the Benacquisto Scholarship?

Inheritors receive an amount equivalent to the difference between Bright Futures and the National Merit Award and the cost of attending school for Florida residents who are students.


Can someone outside of Florida apply for the Benacquisto grant?

A non-Florida resident now has the chance to apply for the Benacquisto grant. He or she must, however, reside in Florida or close to the school’s campus.


Last but not least, the Benacquisto fellowship aims to assist American students from Florida and elsewhere in their pursuit of higher education. Also, it aids high school students in studying harder and earning higher marks in order to qualify for the National Merit Scholar Award.

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