How to Become a Permanent Resident of Canada

How to Become a Permanent Resident of Canada

For some persons, the process to become a permanent resident of Canada may be quick; for others, it will take longer.

Direct entry into Canada is possible from abroad or within the country by applying to one of the several immigration schemes offered there.

Nonetheless, a lot of people who receive permanent status initially come to Canada as temporary residents.

When in possession of a work or study permit, this is possible.

The application for permanent residence takes into account the temporary resident’s experience in Canada.

The following are Canada’s three primary direct immigration programs for permanent residence. Read up about it!

How to Become a Permanent Resident of Canada – Types of Canadian Residency

  • Business Class;
  • Family Class;
  • and Economic Class

The first step is to decide which class you are most likely to succeed in given your qualifications.

For each class of immigrants, there are numerous immigration schemes created to entice candidates with the greatest likelihood of assimilating rapidly.

Economic Class

Is Immigration of the Economic Class a Possibility for Me?

For the next three years, Canada plans to accept more immigrants from the Economic Class than any other group.

Candidates must consider the Economic Class when developing their immigration plan.

The Fast Entry method is applied to immigration for federal economic purposes.

Describe Express Entry.

Canada employs this management approach for its economic immigration schemes.

The following are the government schemes for economic immigration in Canada:

  1. A federally skilled employee
  2. Government Skilled Trades
  3. Class with Canada Experience
  4. Program for Provincial Immigration

What Steps Are Included in Express Entry? How to Apply for Canadian Permanent Residence

  • Candidates who want to be considered for Express Entry must provide a self-evaluated profile.
  • A Complete Ranking System is used to score each profile in the pool.
  • The best-rated profiles are invited to submit an application through the regular Express Entry lotteries, which normally occur every two weeks (ITA).
  • Applicants have a strict 60-day window after getting an ITA in which to submit a complete application.
  • For 80% of candidates, six months is the ideal processing period following receipt of an Express Entry invitation (ITA).

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What Happens If I Can’t Use Express Entry?

If you don’t qualify for Fast Entry, you could look into provincial immigration programs.

The Canadian provinces have policies in place to deal with a range of distinct labor market shortages.

These include doctors in the Atlantic provinces, long-haul truck drivers in Saskatchewan, and IT professionals in British Columbia, Ontario, and Quebec.

The majority of provincial immigration schemes require a job offer to qualify, despite the fact that certain jurisdictions have specific lists of in-demand professions that open and close in less than a day.

Consider submitting an application for a work permit if you don’t meet the requirements for a provincial program.

Either the well-liked Study Permit scheme or the Temporary Foreign Worker Program would allow you to temporarily move to Canada first.

You might finally settle down in a permanent home.

How to Qualify as a Canadian Resident Who May Be Sponsored Under The Family Class Category?

One of the cornerstones of Canada’s immigration policy is family reunion.

In 2018, the federal government expects to sponsor 88,500 immigrants; by 2021, that number will rise to 91,000.

Parents; Brothers or sisters; nieces or nephews; granddaughters or grandsons who are orphaned, under the age of 18, and not married or in a common-law relationship; another relative of any age or relationship, but only under certain circumstances; grandparents; and accompanying relatives of the above (for example, spouse, partner, and dependent children).

There are different qualifications and waiting periods for each type of sponsorship. Those who don’t fit the criteria ought to think about their economic class.


Business class Immigration

How Do I Comply With the Immigration Requirements for Business Class?

This is how business owners and prominent individuals can move to Canada.

Businesses and candidates with a high net worth have to think about utilizing federal or provincial immigration processes to obtain permanent residency in Canada. A work permit is typically the first stage in a two-part procedure for provincial programs. The province’s qualified candidates are then asked to submit an application for permanent residency.

Several federal business initiatives are offered, including:

  • Self-Employed Class
  • Pilot Program for Immigrant Investor Venture Capital (IIVC)
  • Starting Up Visa

The Québec Entrepreneur Program, Quebec Immigrant Investor Program, and Quebec Self-Employed Program are all parts of the Business Class Immigration Program, which is available to provinces in Canada that fall under Quebec.

All Canadian provinces, with the exception of Quebec, offer business programs. Once all requirements are satisfied, applicants typically get a work permit to enter Canada and become citizens.

By utilizing that procedure, these provinces also give Canadian residence. These are: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Newfoundland and Labrador.

How Can I Get a Canadian Permanent Residence Visa?

  • To apply for one of the aforementioned programs, you must first get an Invitation to Apply (ITA). You can then apply for a visa to become a permanent resident. then carry out the subsequent actions:
  • Please present a medical certificate as well as documentation of your criminal history.
  • Submit your visa application for indefinite residence.
  • Pay the required application fees.
  • Interrogations of immigration officers
  • We ask for all supporting material for your application.
  • A test of abilities Enough money for applicants to survive on during their initial months in Canada.
  • Results of the language test additional costs and paperwork
  • You will receive a PR card after being granted permanent residency, which is valid for five years and can be renewed. As a permanent resident, you are allowed to work, study, and remain in Canada for all time.

Applications for Canadian Permanent Residency: How to Become a Permanent Resident of Canada Through Express Entry

Only individuals who have been invited to use Express Entry to apply for permanent residence are qualified.

Your Express Entry invitation is only valid for 60 days from the time you receive it to apply. As soon as you can, start filling out the online form so that you may gather all of the necessary information and documentation before your invitation expires.

To finish the online form, adhere to following instructions:

• Register a an account and log in.

• Visit the link to submit an Express Entry application for permanent residency.

• When completing the form, be sure to supply all necessary supporting documentation.

• Your responses must all be accurate and comprehensive.

• If you do not fill out all required fields, your application cannot be submitted.

• The form allows you to save your input and return it as necessary.

What Costs Are Involved With Your Application to Become a Canadian Resident?

  • $1,365 is the cost of your application.
  • Add your spouse: $1,365

Cost of a dependent child is $230.

April 30, 2022, saw an increase in these costs.

How long will it take to process my application for Canadian residency?

The processing time is decided by the program.

You might also need to provide biometric data as part of your application. The time it takes you to provide your biometrics is included in this processing time.

How Should I Fill Up The Application Form?

To finish the application, adhere to the instructions listed below.

Visit the Permanent Resident Online Application Portal and register or log in.

To access each application form, click on its name, then complete it as instructed. You must fill out certain forms online, while others require you to provide a PDF.

Please utilize the web form if the portal is giving you any technical issues.

When selecting the type of request from the drop-down selection for technical difficulties in the text box, please keep in mind that you are submitting your application through the provincial nominee program in order to guarantee a prompt response.

The following online digital forms must be filled out.

You must complete these online forms (for yourself and any family members 18 or older)

Schedule A – Background/Declaration (IMM 5669), Additional Family Information (IMM 5406), and Supplemental Information – Your Travels are all required documents (IMM 5562)

These PDF forms, which do not require signatures, must also be filled out.

The entire application, including the ones for your family members who have been added to your online application, will require your electronic signature as the principal applicant.

These PDF forms should be printed, completed, and, if necessary, signed. Sign it by hand and ask the third party to sign it.

If they apply, include it in the uploads part of your application:


Vital Information

It is illegal to fill out these forms with false or misleading information. It might be necessary to verify the information you submit as part of your application.

Be exact and thorough.

Complete each section. Please mark a section as “Not Applicable” or “NA” if it does not apply to you. They will postpone processing your application if it is returned to you because it is unfinished.

If you require more room for any area, include an additional page with the required component, fill it out, and upload it with your application. You ought to select “other” for the document type.

Choose “Other” from the drop-down menu under “Document type,” and then submit any supporting documents or additional information in the JPEG, PDF, or JPG format along with your online application.

How Can I Add My Signature?

Applications lacking required signatures will occasionally be returned through email without being handled.

By typing your full name precisely as it appears on your passport, you will electronically sign for the entire application as the lead applicant, including those of your family members.

Check all required signatures again and, if necessary, sign by hand or online. They will return your application without processing it if forms are not correctly signed by the required signers and in the designated places.

Certain paperwork could need multiple signatures or to be signed by more than one person. Whenever a date is required, enter it.

A dependent minor under the age of 18 who needs to sign something must have a parent or legal guardian sign on their behalf.

How Should I Fill Out the Form?

You must online fill out the Generic Application Form for Canada (IMM 0008) before submitting an application. It is not required to handwrite or print your signature.

Unless otherwise specified, you must respond to every question on the application form.

Moreover, you can save your form and finish it later.

Questions on How to Apply to Live in Canada Permanently in 2023 | Step-by-Step Instructions

Who Should Complete the Application Form?

You have to fill up this form. the leading contender.

How much time does it take to become a permanent resident of Canada?

Many immigration programs are managed by the federal government. Nonetheless, Fast Entry is the most often used immigration option, and most requests for PR Visas are approved via this process.

The IRCC claims that they will process a PR visa application in no more than six months. It indicates that in about 6 months you will be granted permanent residency in Canada.

PNPs and QSWPs, two other immigration alternatives, take about the same amount of time.


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