Why Study in Estonia?

Why Study in Estonia?

7 Reasons to Attend Estonian Colleges with Free Tuition in 2023

Estonia, which is well-known for its stunning islands and oceans, is also home to some of the top educational institutions in the world. We’ll provide you 7 with Reasons To Study In Estonia And Their Free Tuition Colleges to support our point.

What Are the Benefits of Studying in Estonia?

The Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Finland are bordered by the northern European nation of Estonia. more than 1,500 islands, among others. It is a former Soviet Union territory with castles, churches, and hilltop forts. The capital of the nation, Tallinn, is renowned for its Old Town, museums, and 314-meter-tall Tallinn TV Tower with an observation deck.

Tallinn is the capital city of Estonia

Estonia’s currency is Euro

According to the world bank in 2013, an estimated 1.32 million people live in Estonia

The official language is Estonian.

+372 is the area code.

President: Kaja Kallas

584.00 euros per  month is the minimum pay (Jun 2020)

Why Estonian universities

  • About 100 high-quality degree programs are taught entirely in English
  • Diplomas are recognized internationally
  • Numerous state scholarships and funding aid are available for incoming students
  • English is a frequently spoken language.
  • Advanced research projects
  • An exciting student life

There are many individualized touches, such as small class sizes in the classrooms, and students are allowed to work part-time while enrolled in school as long as they stay in the nation for six months before looking for employment after graduation.

An atmosphere that is safe and stable; has higher money worth; and lower cost of living

Estonia’s tuition fees

All students, even those from abroad, pay modest tuition costs to attend universities in Estonia. The average annual tuition for bachelor’s and master’s programs is 1660 euros, with medicine students paying more than those in other fields.

Depending on their financial situation or academic standing, students may occasionally be excluded from paying tuition. To find out if you are eligible for a tuition fee exemption, we suggest getting in touch with your university in Estonia.

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Living expenses

Estonia has more cheap living expenses than most other European nations. The majority of foreigners who have visited for a while have stated that the quality of life is comparable to that of Western Europe. Living expenses in Estonia typically depend on the student’s housing preferences, way of life, and spending habits.

Quick facts:

The euro (EUR, €) is the currency.

Depending on the student’s selections, monthly living expenses range from €300 to €500.


Prices for residence halls in student housing in Estonia begin at around €100 per month. Some institutions have single, double, or triple-room dorms for students.

The size and location of the apartment have a big impact on housing prices. These costs range from approximately €100 for a spot in a double dorm room to €180-€450 or more for a luxury apartment.


Students may typically live comfortably with a monthly food budget of about €200–€250. Depending on their particular demands, each student can choose how much money they want to spend on food. Every university has its cafeteria, and the food is reasonably priced.

Daily bar and café specials range from €2.5 to €4


In Tallinn, public transportation is readily available and cost-free for all students (mainly for residents of Tallinn and including international students studying in Tallinn). With a monthly ticket (valid with a student card), local public transportation in Tartu costs roughly €8.63, while a single ticket for students costs €0.51 (€1 on the bus). All amenities for students (supermarkets, cafes, stores, pharmacies, etc.) are typically within walking distance of colleges.

Taxi: depending on the company, starting prices typically start at €1.9 depending on the distance.

The fare of the bus from the campus to Tartu is between €8.10 and €10.50.

Prerequisites for Admission

Anybody applying to an undergraduate program should hold a current high school diploma that certifies their eligibility for higher education in your nation. This qualifies for study in Estonia as well.

A strong bachelor’s degree certificate is typically required for a master’s, and a strong master’s degree is the result of a doctorate. Students have the option of studying in Estonia or English.

Applicants must have credentials allowing them to attend university in their native country in order to be admitted to study in Estonia. Depending on the program and institution, additional qualifying exams might also be necessary.

Language of Estonia

It is not necessary to learn Estonian, the language of Estonia, if you are enrolled in an English-language program. Yet taking Estonian language classes is strongly advised if you want to better mix with other students and take part in more events (many universities offer an Estonian class as an elective topic portion of your study).

Language prerequisite

A qualification allowing entry to university study in their native country is required of all applicants who desire to apply to degree programs at Estonian universities.

Also, applicants must provide a certificate proving their English proficiency. Although some colleges may conduct individual language tests, all internationally recognized language competence exams, such as the TOEFL and IELTS, are accepted.

The typical minimal test scores for a BA or MA are 5 on the IELTS and 70 on the TOEFL (IBT).

Since requirements vary for each university, please verify the exact English language requirements on the university’s admission page.

There may be entry exams like an interview, a written essay, a portfolio, etc., depends on the curriculum and the institution.

Entry Times/Deadlines

The deadlines for applying to degree programs in Estonia that are taught in English vary by university.

Please check the institution’s website or get in touch with the admissions officer to confirm the deadlines for admission.

Different universities and programs have various deadlines for applications. For citizens of some nations, including EU member states, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, and third-country nationals, deadlines frequently vary.

With a few small exceptions, the majority of application deadlines fall between April and August. Please visit www.studyinestonia.ee/deadlines for information on deadlines.

Getting a free education in Estonia

At the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, some programs at Estonian universities are completely taught in Estonian and are tuition-free for full-time students.

Yet, depending on the curriculum, tuition rates range from €1600 to €7000 per session if you want to study only in English.

To start your application, get in touch with the institution of your choosing, choose the program you want to enroll in, complete the online application forms, and deliver your application by the deadline to guarantee a spot at the school.

List of Universities in Estonia includes University of Tartu, University of Nord, Tallinn University, International University Estonia, Estonian Business School, Estonian Academy of Arts, and Tallinn Institute of Technology are among the universities in Estonia.

Why Study in Estonia?



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