“JAC hereby directs members to continue with the strike for another two weeks , hoping that within the period ,the government will be in position to address these issues” declares SSANU/NASU.

The Union of Senior Staff Association of Nigeria Universities, SSANU and the Non-Academic Staff Union NASU have both decide to extend the strike by additional two weeks.

The strike which was meant to be just a ’Warning Strike, had began on March 27th following the government refusal to satisfy the demands of the SSANU/NASU Academic Union.

However, due to the Federal Government refusal to satisfy their request,the President of SSANU, Mohammed Ibrahim and NASU General Secretary, Peters Adeyemi had signed a report titled;

‘Recommencement Of Two-Weeks Warning Strike

It goes thus;

“Deriving from the failure of the Federal Government to act positively on the ongoing warning strike,

JAC hereby, directs members to continue with the warning strike for another two weeks,

hoping that within the period, the government will be in position to address these issues.

However, if the present situation persists, members of NASU and SSANU , will be adequately informed about the next line of action before the expiration of the two weeks.

This action is being taken, because the federal government refuse to meet the demands to the Union since the commencement of the strike.

Hopefully, the government will meet their needs following this new development which is being taken by the SSANU/NASU Academic Union.

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