Polaris launches Digital Bank

Polaris Bank Limited has said that it will soon launch a Digital Bank.

An official statement read thus: “Feelers indicate that the bank’s new digital bank, which has for some time been in test mode among its staff and customers, is set to grow its market share, targeting a new generation of digital natives and immigrants who are socially and financially aware of innovations in self-service and stress-free transactions.

“According to industry players, the long wait which greeted the launch was to ensure that the platform is robust enough to meet prevailing global standards and support other existing entities in the digital banking ecosystem.”

The bank went further to say that it had greatly overhauled its information technology infrastructure in the last two years and improved greatly on its digital capability.

Its Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Innocent Ike, said, “This has seen the institution grow to earn the confidence of the banking publics, as it has been able to offer quality banking services at the cutting edge of technology.”

Polaris’ digital bank offered services not readily provided by competitors, the statement said.

Polaris Bank used to be known as Skye Bank.

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