An Indian couple in Haridwar, northern Uttarakhand State has sued their son and daughter-in-law for not giving them grandchildren after six years of marriage.

Based on CNN reports, Sadhana and Sanjeev Prasad filed a petition this month seeking 50 million Indian rupees (about N266,960,740) in damages from their son, 35, and his wife, 31.

The couple claimed they spent about 20 million Indian rupees (about N106,701,260) raising their son, who is an only child.

“They raised him, educated him, made him capable, made him a pilot — which was expensive,” said the couple’s legal representative, Arvind Srivastava, on Monday.

“They see people in their neighbourhood playing with their grandchildren and feel like they should also have one.

“They said they didn’t marry (their son and daughter-in-law) off so that they can live alone … So they said that in the next year, either give us a grandchild or give us compensation.”

Srivastava said that as the couple ages, “there is no-one to take care of them,” and that “all parents wish to be grandparents one day.”

According to the petition, the Prasads also claimed they bought a car for their son and daughter-in-law, and paid for their honeymoon.

The lawsuit primarily targets the son and daughter-in-law — but the petition also listed complaints against the daughter-in-law’s family.