Destruction will be the fate of a sex starved marriage – Bishop David Oyedepo

The General Overseer of the Living Faith Church or Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo has said that destruction awaits any couple who neglects their sexual duties towards each other.

He wrote:

”A sex-starved marriage is heading for destruction; spouses should be available for each other, otherwise there will be a tendency to go where they would be accepted because the burning must be satisfied.”

In another news, he also lashed out at Nigerians working like ‘slaves’ in other countries.

According to the renowned clergyman, he had all the opportunities to live in the US in 1987 and settle over there forever. Oyedepo added that many are predestined to be employers of labor in Nigeria however some are moving from one to another abroad.

He said: 

“I had all the opportunity to be in the US in 1987 and move there permanently. I said ‘Jesus, what are You saying? Do I have any regrets for not being there? Never.’

“Many are ordained to be employers of labour in this country. They’re jumping from job to job in another man’s country.

“Slavery kind of job because they won’t ask. Jumping about as if that’s a prize winner adventure.

“Everything is changing. You earn a degree in those days, you have to mention the country.”

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