The Global Journo: My Journey to BBC

By Sunday Awosoro.

It was last month I came across a piece of paper while checking my school documents. Inscribed on it is:

“Sunday! You’re not celebrating your birthday until you have found you.”

And I smiled. I smiled because I went on; I celebrated my 20th birthday. How come I did? Follow me detour.

It was a bright noon on the 18th of May 2020, but in my heart, this gloomy moon. It was exactly a month to my birthday. Why the disturbance? Why the unrest, high chest and the rest? I questioned myself.

Now, I am a practical person. I am blunt with facing realities. So, I often find solutions or still, quickly move on when problems knock.

This lingering moment continued till it was nine and now I think I have known what the problem is. Prior this event, I’d listened to sermons, motivators, professionals and have even prayed on self/purpose discovery. And that was my problem. I was at it again. I wanted to know me.

Being a realist, there and then I made that resolution:

“Sunday! You are not celebrating your birthday until you have found you.”

How Did I Find Me?

I am of the thought that we are always around who we are. What do I mean? What we are made for can be clearly seen from connecting what we enjoy doing together. For me, it is adventurous events, traveling, eavesdropping (I do this a lot), talking (I’m not a talkative person though), meeting new people and sharing their experiences.

I discovered that since I joined the Union of Campus Journalists (UCJ) FUOYE, I am always hyper excited when asked to work on any story. My bad, I could skip one lecture to catch up with an interview. Knitting those traits like my little sister makes beads for her waist, I needed no wait; I am a Global Journalist.

What I Have done for Growth

“Growth” is from birth till death. But it doesn’t mean man will die if he doesn’t grow. Of course, he would also be relevant as a reference from a caring mother to her only child. “Don’t be like lágbájá,” she would repeat.

Since I wouldn’t want to be that man, I met people. From my editor, to senior colleagues and particularly, my partner in growth, Precious Ayanfe EWUJI. I’ve attended (paid) webinars, brainstormed, and gone to the field, building my portfolio. Although small, I have some stories carrying the byline “Sunday Awosoro” on UCJ FUOYE, Campus Reporters and The Vent Republic’s website. While the UCJ FUOYE served as my root, Campus Reporters have built my confidence in working on stories independently. Meanwhile, with the policy in The Vent Republic, my nose for stories has become more sensitive. And not just that, I am currently on my next three investigative reports.

Why I Want More…

…is still on the same cause. I don’t want to be that lágbájá. I don’t want to be a mediocre, an average guy or a local chairman. I want to know. I want to grow. So I can glow. Moreso, I want to head the Investigative Team at BBC.

Do You Think All Were Sweet?

No way! I was terribly depressed in May. Maybe the aches from merging academics with my new life. I still give it all to my precious Precious, she was there all day.

Oh! That’s too recent.

I am lean because I don’t eat well and that is absolutely not surprising. By the way, what more could be expected to happen to a guy who decided to stay in school (Oye-Ekiti) throughout the 10-month lockdown, just to grow?

All stipends from home either went from SeyiBabs’ writing courses, to Dorothy’s Writers Hub, Pison Writing Academy and a host of others. But did the sacrifices pay?

Check me out, and answer that.

Have you worked with a Android device that is no longer smart? I still work with mine after two years. Not because it is the “LOML” but I have not had the means of getting another one.

To My Achievements…

October 2020: Alongside, Mr. Taiwo Ayobami and Mr. Vincent Ufuoma, I worked with the International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR) as an election observer at the Ondo state gubernatorial election.

In May, 2021:
I was appointed the Chief Press Secretary to the Hon. Speaker, the Youth Assembly of Nigeria, Osun state.

In May, 2021: Together with my partner in growth, Precious Ewuji, and Osaro, my sweet colleague, I secured an appointment as a volunteer, with The Vent Republic – a Nigerian online newspaper, where I currently report on Education.

In June, 2021: With Precious Ewuji, I was among the few student journos who were trained with rigour, by The Premium Times Centre for Investigative Journalism (PTCIJ) Abuja. While Precious’ team came 2nd, mine came 3rd in an intensive investigative reporting jointly carried out after the training.

Too small achievements for The Head of Investigative Team, BBC right?

To My Mistakes

The biggest was constant “YES”.
I have however, sucked over the “no(s)” I never said. And with apt analysis, I’ve said more these last few days.

I think it feels good to say no when you know, when to grow.

But not to this day. Never – to this year’s birth day.

So in all gladness and gratitude to Dad (God), I raise my glass and shout…


By the way, 21 really fits, doesn’t it?

I am grateful to my parents, Mr. & Mrs. Matthew AWOSORO, for their hardwork on my siblings and me.

I humbly appreciate the family of Engineer Dare OGINNI, they’ve been my motivation.

Mr. Anthony Ademiluyi, the co-founder of The Vent Republic is a great figure. Thank you, for constant help, Sir.

I really appreciate you, for staying through this read.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

PS: Type “Sunday Awosoro” on Google, and enjoy what you’ll find.

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