Nollywood actress, Iheme Nancy, has in a question and answer session with her followers on Instagram, revealed her ‘spec’ in men.

In response to a question about her dream man, Nancy revealed that her dream man must be blessed in everything, including his nether region. She emphasized that her man must be financially and sexually endowed.

Another follower asked if she can marry a man who is neither wealthy nor famous.

“Can u marry a man that is not famous or rich?” the follower asked.
Reacting to this, the actress said she can marry a man who is not popular or influential in the society, however he has to be rich enough to cater for her and their unborn children.

See her responses below,

In other news, Iheme Nancy recently took to social media to rant as she reveals that she sees all Nigerian pastors as fraudsters.

She wrote,

“All these miracle merchants that call themselves men of god will never regrow a lost limb or separate conjoined twins.
Only them 20 years of waist pain and other things no one can verify, profiting off the mind of gullible Africans. All pastors are fraudsters in my book.”