I became a porn star to survive in America — Afro Candy opens up on her life and career


May 7, 2022

She Said, ‘I will change my lifestyle after I make billions of Dollars’

US-based Nigerian actress, singer and porn star, Judith  Mazagwu popularly known Afro Candy has been in the country since last week. She is in the country to pay her last respect to her mother, Agatha Opara, whose remains were laid to rest on Saturday, April 30, in her country home, in Imo State. She was our guest on Vanguard Live Chat with celebrities on Instagram yesterday, where she revealed so many things about her life and career, including what inspired her to become a porn star among others.


You are truly enjoying your stay back home after being away for almost eight years?

There is no place like home. I think I love it here. I missed Nigeria for  years and I’m glad to be here again.

You mean different things to different people. Some people see you as an actress and a singer, while many others describe you as a porn star. So, who’s Afro Candy?


Afro Candy is everything just as you noted. Everything I mean to everybody to a specific group of people. I am everything you just mentioned. But you probably did mention that I am also a mother of two beautiful daughters. I am also an entrepreneur, I have my own company back in the United States called Invisible Twins Productions. I am everything you mentioned anyway.

What ‘s story about you that you haven’t been able to share with anyone?

I guess if there is any story I haven’t been able to share with anyone that means I don’t want to talk about it. There are certain things you will like to go to your grave with. So, I’d rather keep it where it is or tell it at the right time. But this is not the right time to share any secret things about me for now.


People say that you became controversial the moment you relocated to the United States. Is that true?

I will agree with you. When I was living in Nigeria, I was a regular Nollywood actress who couldn’t take off my shirt in a movie. I remember, on one or two occasions where the directors had to fight with me to play a scene, where I had to tie a towel and lay beside Kenneth Okonkwo. I was forced to do it. That’s to tell you the kind of actress I was then. 

Another one was the movie I acted alongside Mike Ezuruonye, where I had to kiss him. It was difficult for me to kiss him in that movie, and when I did, trust me. I was so afraid of the scene that what if my husband gets to see the movie. It means that I am a dead person. Then I was trying to be a regular, married actress. But when I got to America and what happened happened. America is like Nigeria. You have to hustle in order to survive. That was why I became controversial.


I delved into music and released my first single, “Ikebe Na Money” between 2007/2008, where I was captured on camera laying on top of a guy almost naked and tongues started wagging. To cap it all, I produced my movie, “Destructive Instinct”, where I went naked. And the movie went viral on the internet because of the fact that I flaunted my boobs and was sexy. And from there, people started calling me a porn star. I said okay, since you are calling me a porn star, I am going to give you what you people want then. That was how I became a full time porn star.


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