“I don’t understand why you use Photoshop to shape your pictures even after Plastic Surgery” — Actress, Sonia Ogiri blasts colleagues

Nollywood actress, Sonia Ogiri has tackled ladies who have done body-enhancement surgeries but still use Photoshop to modify their shape in pictures.

Actress, Sonia Ogiri shades
According to the actress, she doesn’t understand why anyone would “readjust” their shape in photos when they have already gone under the knife to get their desired figure.

Taking to her Instagram page, Sonia wrote,

“I don’t understand how, why you got your body done (surgery) still use apps and photoshop to shaping your pictures. Someone help, I’m asking for a friend”

See her post below,

Sonia’s post has sparked a conversation on social media as netizens attempt to answer the question. According to them, most ladies who undergo plastic surgery have serious insecurity and low-esteem issues.

See some comments below,

sir_tijaja wrote, “It is an endless cycle. A surgery won’t fix your insecurity and inferiority complex totally. That is why they keep going back for more enhancement. It is an illness as far as I am concerned.”

onyilomodiamond wrote, “Because their level of insecurities is too high.”

amarachizioma wrote, “Na insecurity and inferiority complex they cause am”

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