Hsiao Memorial Economics Scholarship

The Hsiao Memorial Economics Scholarship was established in memory of Liang-Lin Hsiao, 89, who passed away on May 21, 2009, at his waterfront condo in Emeryville, California. From 1959 until his retirement in 1985, he taught economics at Indiana State University before relocating to California. On September 17, 1919, he was born in Swatow, Canton, China. He attended Kunming’s National Southwest United University (a wartime combination of Peking, Tsinghua, and Nankai Universities). It is given to a graduate student pursuing an economics graduate degree at a college or university with a US campus. The applicant must have at least 50% Asian ancestry, while students of Chinese descent are given precedence. Additionally, increased consideration is given to students interested in a future in academia (teaching or research).

 Scholarship Description of Hsiao Memorial Economics Scholarship

  • Year of Need: 1st Year Grad, 2nd Year Grad, 3rd Year Grad, Beyond 3rd Year Grad,
  • Type: Needs Based
  • Num Awards: 1
  • Min Award: 1,000
  • Max Award: 1,000
  • Deadline: 2022-10-25
  • Website: http://www.asianpacificfund.org
  • Sponsoring Organization Asian Pacific Fund
    465 California Street, Suite 809
    San Francisco, CA 94104

Contact Person:

Phone: (415) 395-9985

Web: http://www.asianpacificfund.org/information-for-student-applicants

Email: [email protected]

Eligibility Requirements

  • Graduate student enrolled in a US-based institution or university in 2016–17; age; grade level; required minimum GPA; required financial need; residence; U.S. resident or foreign national
  • Citizenship: American, foreign, or resident
  • College: Enrollment at a US-based college or university in 2016–17 is required.
  • Major/Career: Pursuing a graduate degree in economics; Students pursuing academic careers (teaching or research) will be given preference; Priority will be given to research and study themes that benefit Asians or Asian Americans, particularly those who are in need of social or financial assistance.
  • Ethnicity: Preference for students of Chinese ancestry, with at least 50% Asian heritage

Application Details

Transcript: Required

Resume/Activity List: Required

Essay: Address each of the prompts for a brief essay. Your writings need to be single-spaced and in 12-point font. Include the name of the scholarship program and your name at the top of the page. Please give the word count after each essay.

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  1. Tell us about yourself, including your academic and professional aspirations, future aspirations, and how your Asian ancestry has affected or influenced you. Recommended word count: 250–500;
  2. Explain how your undergraduate coursework and experiences influenced your decision to pursue graduate studies. Please explain why you picked the graduate program you did. Recommended word count: 150–200;
  3. What is your primary area of study, theoretical interest, or research? What about this field or speciality appeals to you? How did you become interested in this? Please include details on any study you’ve done. Recommended word count: 250–500;
  4. Candidates who intend to work in academics will be given preference. Please give an overview of your prior teaching experience. Please describe the academic setting in which you might thrive after completing your graduate studies. Recommended word count: 150–200;
  5. Optional: Do you have any further information you’d want to share with us, such as any peculiar familial or personal situations that may have impacted your academic performance, professional experience, or involvement in extracurricular activities at school?

Recommendation Letters: Two letters of recommendation from your professors, teachers, or counselors. You should request that they write about their interactions with you as a student and how well you meet the requirements for the scholarship program. Please make sure the person writing the letter of recommendation mentions your first and last names as well as the name of the scholarship program.

Other Resources:

Finalists must submit an official transcript of grades and an FAFSA student aid report (or other paperwork verifying financial information) if selected.

Contact Information

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I determine if I qualify to apply for a scholarship program?

Each scholarship program’s eligibility requirements are posted underneath it and on the first page of each application. To locate the program(s) for which you are eligible, please make sure to read the eligibility requirements for each program.

Do you just accept applications from high school seniors graduating?

No, although many of our scholarships are available to graduating high school seniors (also known as “incoming college freshmen”), we also have grants available to individuals who are currently enrolled in college (also known as “current undergraduates”).

Do graduate students have access to scholarships?

Graduate students seeking a higher degree in economics or the social sciences are eligible for the Hsiao Memorial Social Sciences Scholarship. It is the only prize we now provide graduate students.

Are there any scholarships available for students from other countries?

We only offer scholarships for students attending schools and universities in the United States. Please study the residency restrictions in the eligibility conditions for the scholarship program.

Can I submit more than one scholarship application?

As long as you complete the requirements for those programs and submit a separate application for each, you may apply for as many scholarships as you like.

My understanding of the application deadline and eligibility requirements differs from what is stated on the Asian Pacific Fund website. Which website contains the data that is the most accurate?

The Asian Pacific Fund website, www.asianpacificfund.org, lists the official deadline(s) and requirements. Other websites can have out-of-date listings with incorrect eligibility requirements and application dates.

When is the deadline for scholarship applications?

The cover page of each scholarship application lists the deadlines for each of the programs. Please take note of it and send your application documents to the location listed below by the time your neighborhood post office shuts.

[Name of Scholarship Program]
Asian Pacific Fund
465 California Street, Suite 809
San Francisco, CA 94104

Please note that many post offices close by 5 p.m.

What types of essays must I write?

Each scholarship application has brief essay questions that must be answered (250-500 words). The essay questions give students the chance to discuss their academic and professional objectives, involvement in the community, financial necessity, and personal adversity. Please base your answers on the essay prompts in the application.

What should my guidance counselor, instructor, or professor include in their letter of recommendation?

Our request is that they write about their interactions with you as a student and how well you meet the requirements for the scholarship.

How can I submit my counselor’s, teacher’s, or professor’s letter of recommendation?

  • Make sure the letter of recommendation has your first and last names as well as the title of the scholarship program. They have a choice between the following:
  • Enclose the letter with your other application materials and mail application as a packet to Asian Pacific Fund.
  • Mail the letter directly to: Scholarship Manager, Asian Pacific Fund, 465 California Street, Suite 809, San Francisco, CA 94104 by the postmark deadline.

Do I need to submit different required paperwork for each program if I’m applying for numerous scholarships?

Yes. You must submit the relevant documentation for each application because they are evaluated independently for each program.

How soon will I learn the outcome of my application?

Your application’s status will be communicated to you via email or postal letter.

Additional queries? [email protected] should be contacted.



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