May 4,2022

The actor, known for playing the role of king in most films, died a few hours after he had finished being on set. Nollywood actress Ngozi Ezeh confirmed his  death and claimed the actor was not sick but slept and did not wake up the next day. she wrote: “I hate to say this but we have lost another Nollywood king, Sir David. He wasn’t sick, it just happened. How do we explain this, another loss in Nollywood. Oh Lord have mercy. I Mourn again oh.”

Actress Ibiwari also reacting wrote: “This can’t be explained oh, he filmed yesterday and went back to rest hoping to resume shoot today but never woke up.The deceased is also a scriptwriter, producer and professional talent developer.He is survived by wife and children. His death will come a few hours after actress Chinedu Bernard slumped and died in a church at Enugu.