After 2 still birth, 4 miscarriages, God rewarded us the 7th time” – South African woman writes as she celebrate her son

A South African businesswoman, Prisca Soko took to her Facebook page on Sunday, July 25, to celebrate her child, Gavriel Soko, on his 8th birthday.

In her Facebook post, Prisca shared that she gave birth to Gavriel in 2013 after 21 years of waiting, four miscarriages and two stillbirths.

Prisca is married to Archbishop Ellias Zwelipane Soko, who is the presiding Archbishop of SouthAfrica for ZAOGA Forward In Faith Ministries.

She wrote in her Facebook post,

“After waiting for 21 years to have a baby…after 2 still births, 4 miscarriages, the 7th time God rewarded us with this special gift from above! How can we thank this Faithful God? Gavriel Nkosiphile Newellias Soko you came to complete us, you shall impact your generation with greatness in the Kingdom of God! You are highly favoured! With a long , healthy and fruitful life you shall be satisfied! Happy 8th birthday our son” she wrote.

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