20 Careers in Canada That Can Pay Over $300K

There are occupations in Canada where you can earn at least $300K annually if you have the necessary training and expertise. A job that pays over $300K a year may seem too good to be true.

Here are 20 of the top job listings on Indeed.com for lucrative careers. It is noteworthy that seven of these professional sectors are in the healthcare industry, and that almost all of them call for a substantial amount of post-secondary education and/or experience.

Pilot for an airline 

A highly skilled pilot for an airline might earn more than $300,000. Even if the profession requires some worldwide travel, it can be demanding. Good communication abilities, the capacity for sound decision-making, and, of course, a pilot’s license are prerequisites.

Professor in a medical school 

Both doctors and those who instruct future doctors earn substantial salaries. You need a medical degree with a specialty in the subject matter you wish to teach, as well as clinical experience and research abilities, to become a professor at a medical school.

Forensic Pathologist 

The majority of forensic pathology employment are held by the government and entail analyzing bodies to ascertain the cause of death. You must first earn a medical degree before you may pursue a one-year residency in forensic pathology.

Family doctors

They are often known as general practitioners, can operate in hospitals or in small private clinics in Canada. Although a private practice can increase revenue, there is no guarantee of income. You need a medical degree, two to three years of residency, and the licensing required by your province or territory to become a general practitioner.

There are jobs for anesthesiologists/anesthetists wherever there are hospitals or clinics.

In anaesthesiology, you might choose to specialize in particular surgical specialties like neurosurgery while working alongside doctors. In order to work as an anesthesiologist, you must graduate medical school, a five-year residency, and obtain the necessary provincial or territorial licensing.

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A psychiatrist’s salary as a full-time employee in a hospital or clinic might be well over $300,000, but in private practice, they can earn even more. A five-year psychiatric residency is the prerequisite for becoming a psychiatrist. You must first be licensed as a doctor.


A hospitalist is a physician who only treats patients while they are being treated in a hospital. Hospitalists come in a variety of specialties, such as emergency or intensive care medicine, lung or kidney disease, general practice, and specialization in one of these areas.


Dentists in Canada have similar employment options as physicians, including private practice and clinics. Although there is fierce competition in the metropolis, you can boost your chances of success by moving to a smaller town or concentrating in a subject like pediatric dentistry or oral and maxillofacial surgery.

Truck Driver 

Truck drivers are often employed under a contract, truck drivers are compensated for each cargo they move. You can secure lucrative contracts with potential rewards if you own your own truck. A valid driver’s license for the type of truck you drive is the primary prerequisite for the position, but you must also be able to put in lengthy hours.

Auto Sales Associate 

If you have a strong sales history, the majority of auto sales associate jobs will pay you a basic salary and commission, which could bring your annual income to over $300,000. Your greatest strengths will be your excellent communication skills and capacity for customer-centered thinking.

Parliamentary Commissioner

Parliamentary commissioners earn more than $300,000 annually, such as the Commissioner of Official Languages. You must possess a degree in an area like law or public administration, as well as executive-level management experience and a thorough knowledge of Canada’s parliamentary system, to be eligible for the position.

General Manager

The general manager of a firm is in charge of several divisions, including marketing, sales, and finance. You’ll need to be an effective communicator, have the ability to multitask, and be able to delegate. Depending on the organization you work for, the job’s characteristics may vary.

Legal Financial advisors

Licensed financial advisors are in high demand and receive competitive pay. By becoming certified as a certified financial planner and obtaining licenses to sell life insurance, mutual funds, and securities rather than just one of the three, you can boost your marketability.

Management Consultants

Companies are willing to spend a lot of money on management consultants who can assist them improve their operations and boost revenues. A bachelor’s degree in a subject like business administration, marketing, or finance is required before you can enroll in training to become a certified management consultant.

Business Analyst

Business process analysts look at all the numerous facets of a company, such as IT, quality, and customer service, and they seek for ways to streamline business processes. For this position, you must have outstanding communication and analytical abilities in addition to a degree in business operations, management, or IT.

Construction Manager 

You must be knowledgeable about construction techniques and technology in order to perform your job. It is your responsibility to manage construction projects from beginning to end, including estimating costs and completion times, choosing and working with subcontractors, and handling emergencies.

NDT Technician

A technician who performs non-destructive testing (NDT) examines and evaluates materials for damage and flaws. As an NDT technician, you will examine pipelines and equipment in this crucial position in the oil and gas sector.

Petroleum Engineer 

The petroleum engineer, who determines the most effective methods of extracting the oil and gas, is one of the highest-paying positions in Canada’s oil and gas sector. But you must be present where the jobs are. British Columbia and Alberta have greater earnings than other provinces.

Structural Engineer 

At the top end of the range, structural engineers can earn more than $300,000 per year. Calculating building stability and strength is the main task of the position. If necessary, it also entails coming up with solutions to these problems. You can work on brand-new buildings or focus on restoring historic structures.

Sales Consultant 

Although sales positions aren’t often recognized for having big wages, if you sell the appropriate product and do it well, you may earn hundreds of thousands of dollars in commissions alone. Sales positions providing digital media, medical equipment, software, and outsourced services are among the highest-paying sales positions.



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