Truck Driving Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Truck drivers job in Canada with visa sponsor

For many years, truck driving jobs in Canada have seen a huge demand from truck drivers from all over the world. With the largest trucking sector within North America, Canada offers plentiful opportunities for both local and foreign drivers alike. Impressively, many Canadian trucking companies offer long-term job prospects and even Visa sponsorship programs that can help non-Canadians find their way into a successful and rewarding career in the Canadian trucking industry.


What Does It Mean to Obtain a Trucking Job in Canada with Visa Sponsorship?

Although obtaining a trucking job in Canada with Visa sponsorship can be quite difficult, it is possible. A Visa sponsorship program gives non-Canadian applicants the opportunity to apply for a job within the Canadian trucking industry without having Canadian citizenship or permanent residency in the country. This allows these individuals to stay in Canada for a designated period of time and to continue working in their trucking job with the sponsoring company until their visas are approved.


 Benefits to Obtaining a Truck Driving Job in Canada with Visa Sponsorship


Obtaining a truck driving job in Canada with Visa sponsorship can offer many benefits, both for employers and employees alike. Notably, companies that offer these programs can gain from the increased number of job applicants being available, as these employees will have already been vetted and approved for employment eligibility by the Canadian immigration authorities.


For the truck drivers themselves, the main benefit of being granted a job in Canada with Visa sponsorship is that they can get the opportunity to stay in the country and enjoy their job without having to worry about their immigration status. This gives them the chance to focus solely on the job and its duties, while the sponsoring company will pay for their work permit and other immigration fees.

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What Kind of Requirements Does a Driver Have to Meet to Get a Trucking Job in Canada with Visa Sponsorship?


Getting a truck driving job in Canada with Visa sponsorship requires meeting certain requirements related to the individual’s background and experience levels. As a general requirement, truckers must have at least one year of experience in the trucking industry, as well as be able to provide proof of their past experiences through valid documents or a stint of training.


This experience requirement isn’t just seen as a good sign of professional skill but also as a way to avoid potential issues with the Canadian immigration bodies as employees with less experience may be more prone to making mistakes while on the job, which could be costly and ultimately add to the firm’s operational costs.


Additionally, truckers must also possess at least a valid Class 1 or A Driver’s License, pass a medical exam, show proof of English or French language proficiency, and provide proof of criminal background checks (if necessary) to be considered for the job.

What Are the Job Duties for Truck Drivers in Canada?

The job duties of a truck driver in Canada are diverse and vary based on the type of job and industry. However, common duties for truck drivers include:


  • Transporting goods and materials across the country
  • Maintaining and upkeep of the truck during long-distance trips
  • Adhering to safety regulations and protocols
  • Loading & unloading cargos from the truck
  • Ensuring timely delivery of goods
  • Maintaining accurate records of cargo, mileage, and travel time
  • Effective communication with dispatch staff and other drivers
  • Operating and controlling the truck within and outside of designated roads


Performance evaluations for truck drivers may also be conducted regularly, such as after completing a long-distance trip.


How Much Does a Truck Driver Get Paid in Canada?


The salary of a truck driver in Canada varies depending on the size of the company they work in, their experience, their assignments, and their specific job duties. Generally, though, the median wage of truck drivers in Canada is approximately $20.00 to $22.00 per hour.


Hourly wages can change as drivers’ experiences grow. Experienced drivers can make up to $28.00 to $30.00 per hour, depending on the company and job position.


In addition to their base wages, truck drivers in Canada can receive additional bonuses from their companies for succeeding in their job tasks and completing specific jobs in record time.

How Do I Find Trucking Jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship?

As mentioned, getting a trucking job in Canada with Visa sponsorship requires a lot of effort, documentation, and regulations. For this reason, it may be helpful to contact Canadian-based job recruiters and immigration experts who can help guide applicants through the entire process of applying and eventually getting accepted into a Canadian trucking job.


Alternatively, truckers can also search online for companies that list job postings that clearly state their willingness to help applicants with Visa sponsorship. It is also important to note that most Canadian trucking companies usually specify the types of visas they sponsor, so it is important to research online and find those companies that match your skill set and are willing to sponsor a specific visa type.


Finally, networking is one of the best ways for finding a truck driver job in Canada with Visa sponsorship. By connecting with past employers, acquaintances, and friends who have had experiences with certain trucking companies, truckers can gain invaluable insight into the selection processes and potential job prospects with certain employers.

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Finding a trucking job in Canada with Visa sponsorship can be a difficult but rewarding experience for non-Canadians. With the high demand for truck drivers in the country and the vast number of companies now offering Visa sponsorship programs, there have been plenty of success stories from truckers who took advantage of these unique opportunities.


By following the necessary steps, doing thorough research, and taking an active approach in their job search, truckers will be able to find a great job in Canada while also having the chance to remain in the country and take advantage of a fulfilling career in the Canadian trucking sector.

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