You Claim To Be A Friend But You Are Also The Enemy – Baba Ijesha’s Younger Sister Blasts Princess.

Following his arraignment in court, Baba Ijesha’s younger sister, Ewatomi Ayeni, has declared the allegations made against the Actor as false.

Ewatomi made this known in a video made public earlier today.

The Vent Republic (TVR) recalls that Baba Ijesha was months back arrested for alleged rape and sexual molestation of a 14 year old girl, who happens to be Comedienne Princess’ ward.

In the video, his sister noted that Baba Ijesha hasn’t being living a perfect life which his family are aware of but has been keeping it all a secret but Princess decided to bring it to the public.

Ewatomi also debunked the claim of Princess to have been the one who sponsored Baba Ijesha’s WAEC, saying that she was the one who drove him to his center in Ikorodu, Lagos State.

She strongly believes that Baba Ijesha is not capable of doing such a thing. “You call someone a pedophile, you should understand that such person is only interested in little children. I have lived with him all my life, and he has never touched me, at least I am a distant family to him, he could say we are not born of the same parent and abuse me, but he never did so. He made me who I am today

“So if indeed he molests children, the news would have been every where.”
She says that because he’s quite popular, princess has decided to tarnish his image.

According to her, Princess on countless occasions in the past have tried to lure Baba Ijesha into having sex with her, knowing fully well that he’s married but his wife wasn’t in the country; and because he refused, she said she was going to ‘show’ him. She says that it is clearly obvious that Princess has carried out her threat.
“You claim to be a friend to somebody, and you’re also the enemy.” She said.

TVR Correspondent gathers from her speech that she pleads with the Government and the entire people of Nigeria to look into the situation and see that Baba Ijesha is truly innocent; and the alleged victim even said it plainly that he never had sex with her.

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