Bandits whom I negotiated with have stopped kidnapping people – Sheikh Gumi

Famous Islamic Cleric, Sheikh Ahmed Gumi while speaking to Roots TV said that the bandits with whom he negotiated with have stopped kidnapping people for ransom. He didn’t provide any evidence to back up his assertion though.

He was quoted to have said: “All those we met, all of them have stopped being involved in this kidnapping. The ones doing it now are rogue ones who we did not sit down with.

“Our processes were arrested and stopped by the Authority, which is not interested in it.”

He narrated a personal encounter with the bandits when his family was forced to pay ransom for the abduction of a close relative when he added:

“My very close relative…One of the life time driver of my father. His son — a soldier – eleven of them were ambushed and killed.

“So, I am a victim of banditry. Then, should I seek revenge and more and more soldiers will die or do I forgive so that most souls will be saved?”

“So, I think it is logical…It is better to stop the more killings and have peace.”

Sheikh Gumi rose to national fame when he entered the hideouts of the bandits to speak with them and has gone on to become their unofficial spokesman.

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