“You are the John the Baptist of this generation” – Samklef tells Daddy Freeze as they end beef of 3 years over religion

Nigerian singer, Samklef and OAP, Daddy Freeze, have finally reconciled 3 years after they fought dirty and blocked each other on social media.

Daddy Freeze

In 2018, Samklef and Daddy Freeze, who is known for publicly criticizing clergyman and church doctrines, had a lot of disagreements on social media over religion.

Their fight started when Daddy Freeze criticized a report about the healing of a mentally challenged man at an RCCG church.

In reaction, Samklef lambasted him for always attacking the church, adding that his tantrums is getting old and boring.

Freeze fired back, telling Samklef that his musical career is dead. Samklef responded, calling Freeze a “fake ass oyinbo” and his followers “mumu Satan followers”.

The duo kept going back and forth, calling each other ‘colorful’ names on social media for months. Samklef even went as far as doing a diss song to drag Daddy Freeze and blocked him on Instagram.

Well, Samklef has made a U-turn as he states that he dragged Daddy Freeze because he was blind and ignorant. According to him, he can now see clearly that 90% of Nigerian clergymen are fraudsters.

He wrote,

“I was blind and ignorant but now i can see clearly. Everything daddy freeze have been saying is the truth. 90% percent of Nigeria so called men of mammon are 419. It’s ur faith that makes u whole. So dey collect money for miracles that happens through u….@daddyfreeze u are the John the Baptist of this generation. I can finally see clearly.”

See his post and Daddy Freeze’s response below

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