Why The Gravest Danger Facing Igbos Is IPOB And ESN — General Obi Umahi (Rtd)

Former GOC, 81 Division Nigerian Army, Major General Obi Umahi has taken a swipe at the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Eastern Security Network (ESN) operations in the South-East and their antagonism to the Ebube Agu Security outfit.

Umahi, in a virtual interview with Maazi Ezeoke, the CEO of Njenje Media, averred that the IPOB has played unnecessary politics with politics in Igbo land and further opined that the Igbo man with all his exposure cannot allow an illegal organization such as IPOB to operate freely.

“What gave birth to Ebube Agu is not what the attack on the correctional centres. The remote cause is that IPOB was proscribed and everything it does is illegal and the Igbo man with all his exposure cannot allow an illegal organization to operate freely and the counter action will be on our children.”

“I don’t have as much education and understanding as some of the elite but it is an exploitation of people from downtrodden homes. None of their children is in ESN. Why will an illegal body kill security agents that were on patrol? How many times police stations were burnt and ESN claimed responsibility? For how long will ESN and IPOB keep drawing the fire of revenge upon our children from underprivileged homes used as guinea pigs? So many of them have died.

THE VENT REPUBLIC reports that Umahi while berating the provocative statements of Nnamdi Kanu, called on Igbos to be wary of his antecedents as he stays in the United Kingdom while fanning embers of war in Nigeria.

“The supreme leader through his provocative statements is drawing war to Igbo land. Igbos are progressive people and we are envied due to our entrepreneurial spirit. Many of you in the diaspora don’t know anything about the civil war. Nnamdi Kanu stays in the UK and is calling the shots in Nigeria.”, he said.

Nwaonu said the vigilantes in all the five south east states will be absorbed into the Ebube Agu.

“Let me tell you that the issue is that some of you are acting based on the false information and propaganda that you have been hearing. You people don’t really know what is on the ground. You are in a mental siege that you don’t believe anything good is happening in Nigeria. What you see as good is only your opinion. How can ESN be the best solution? What is your proof or understanding? Why the prejudice? Anywhere in the world, the call surge is the response to threats. The southeast governors have been doing what most of you in the diaspora don’t want to believe. To stay out there not knowing exactly what is happening there and saying ESN should continue to run in Nigeria. The gravest danger facing Igbos is IPOB and ESN. When the drumbeat begins I hope you can return to Nigeria and face it. May the Almighty God help us because I must always call on God.”, he added.

Below is the full interview from Njenje Media TV:

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