Why My Seven Husbands Can’t Cheat On Me — Female Traditionalist

A woman identified as a traditional healer said she is living in peace with her seven husbands. She also said she doesn’t cut her hair because her powers are derived from there.

When asked why she married seven husbands she said: “I didn’t do it of my will. I was commanded by the elders. It was an order from them and that’s when I was given superpowers.

The elders told me to produce more children from my husbands and I mustn’t have more than one child from one man hence the reason why I married more than six husbands. It was strange to me but I had to comply else I’ll be seriously punished,” she said.

She went on to say that she built houses for them and makes love to them whenever she feels like doing so and they dare not cheat on her as her super powers will reveal when they want to do so and there are dire consequences for it.

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