The Nigerian Youths Dilemma.

If there’s anything I know about Nigerian youths it is that we are very hard-working but we lack consistency.
I’ve seen people start really amazing things like business, talks, write-ups, podcast, vlogs, blogs etc and after a few weeks everything just drops, I think it’s the “initial gragra” syndrome.

What do you think causes this?

A lot of things contribute to this issue, some of which I discussed below.

  1. Following the crowd: usually, some people don’t do what they want to do..they just feel like once everyone is doing this thing, they automatically have to follow that path.
    Some people start a business because their friend is into it

This is wrong, you should do what you love or enjoy, that way you’re always motivated.

  1. Lack of encouragement
    This is something a lot of us are guilty of
    When our friends start up anything, anything at all
    We’ll just talk it down like it’s nothing.
    Some of them don’t even ask for money to fund it, they ask for the barest minimum.
    The person might just say “please repost and share” you won’t
    Please”subscribe” you won’t
    Please “like” you won’t
    You do basically nothing to support them.
    No form of encouragement, nothing!
    How do you expect that person or friend to feel?
    Zero likes, zero comments, no subscribers.. nothing nothing!

Let’s forget about inner motivation now, when a person gets the right amount of encouragement from those that matter, sit and watch them make exploits..just watch.

  1. Trying out too many things at once
    You’ve not perfected one thing, and you’re already jumping into another
    “Jack of all trades, master of none”
    When you engage yourself in too many things at once, nothing makes sense anymore and you begin to loose interest in everything.
    Take it one by one, bit by bit…
  2. When you set too big of a target for yourself, imagine wanting to get 5,000 subscribers within a’s possible yes, but c’mon.
    Set realistic goals for your business, blogs.. whatever.
  3. Not Allowing yourself breathe and recharge..go on breaks and come back better.

There are so many other reasons why people lose interest or focus even after starting something with so much enthusiasm.
Please share with me, if you know some more.

Favour Anthonia Adeniyi.

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