Strange: How woman makes a fortune with her anus

Fart Queen

A woman dubbed “fart queen of the internet” has disclosed how she has made thousands of pounds by farting on camera.

The woman, named Lush Botanist, disclosed to a Channel 4 documentary that she got into the side hustle after being asked by someone online to fart on camera.

Surprisingly, it ended up being one of her most popular videos and things soon escalated when another viewer offered her money to fart.

Speaking to Channel 4, she said she has so far made $25,000 (£18,100) from farting on camera and she can charge up to $175 (£123) per fart.

She said she has changed her diet to get the best quality farts.


She said: “Parmesan makes my farts smell extra sulphur.

“But mozzarella gives me those big bubbly farts.”

She explained that to make her farts sound the best they possibly can, she perches right in front of a microphone.

She said: “My farts get so loud that sometimes they blow out the mic.”

Lush also makes a lot of money by farting in jars and sending them out to her customers.

In one clip from the Channel 4 documentary, she also reveals how she sells fart lollipops. The fart lollipops are created by Lush farting on a lollipop of customers’ choosing.

The strangest request she has ever received was to fart on a miniature figurine from a model train set.

Since Channel 4 shared a clip from the documentary to Facebook, viewers have been commenting in their hundreds of thousands.

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