Another Year: Chronicle Of My Journalism Life

Hmmm. You know, when they say Man proposes, God disposes, I take it as a mere word because I’m not a fan of these proverbs or idiomatic expressions. But the reality was dawn on me when I found myself in the field of Journalism.

After two years at home, I was granted admission to study English language and Education at Federal University, Oye-Ekiti. However, I had always wanted to be either a Lawyer or a Criminologist since I was little. Plans changed when it was time to gain admission — the school I chose(OAU) did not grant me admission. Another story for another day, yeah? YEAH!

Now, I resumed school. First time in a tertiary institution. I know you might be thinking I’m a shy person, lol. No. I wasn’t shy because my passion was driving me. Passion? Anything that has to do with crime, law, or government. So, I started writing poetry — I’m quite a skilled poet.

Fast forward, I posted my poems to all groups and my status updates. On a faithful day, my faculty organized an orientation for all year one students. And then, I saw this man — Olagunju Olanrewaju(SOYINKA). He was so full of intelligence and vibes that I had to tell my roommate that I must see him after the orientation. Meanwhile, there was no means to see him but I was just optimistic. I’m quite smart!

I went to our departmental group chat and searched his name which was “Soyinka”. Immediately, I sent him my poems and he gave critics and appraisals. After a week, he asked if I’ve heard about the Union of Campus Journalists, of course, my response was negative. How would you have expected a newbie like me to know such an organization existed?

Immediately, he told me he would purchase a recruitment form for me. He did and I went for the screening. To burst your brain, I did not do well during the screening. I think I scored 5/20. But then, I did not relent. Why? I discovered I could not run away from my shadow. I couldn’t help but find myself in the field of Journalism.

So, I joined. I started writing. I gave myself out for changes and the volunteering. My first two stories were bad, yet, I did not relent. What’s the goal? To find me in a crime-related room or governance. My dear, that was how I became good in Journalism oh.

My sincere appreciation goes to GOD! God showed me the importance of career building, networking, and connection and I listened to HIM. Of course, I’m grateful to the woman who knows everything about my life and what is even yet to happen — my mother. This woman supports me, I would tell her, ” Mum, this one is just school journalism oh, I want to be an INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALIST —a SPY”, and she would say “God is with you; your generation would change in your time.” Look, having a parent or parent who believes in your dream is necessary — things would surely work well for you.

Soyinka! This young man doesn’t know the weight of what he has done in my life but I will make him proud. I’ve been doing that — he has not seen anything yet. My Editor-in-Chief; I love you, ma’am. OLUTAIWO! I love you greatly and to my other colleagues — senior and junior; you all are the best.

Sunday Amos AWOSORO. You came in when I needed a partner who is as thirsty for success as I am. Ever since then, we’ve been building and building — we have won, we have lost — yet, we have each other’s back. I love you!

CampusReporter, PTCIJ, ADÉÒGO, Kolade OLUSOLA(MY DADDY), Bisola ATANDA, Gbenga Oluranti Olalaye, Bàmi and every other person who has catalysed my growth: I LOVE YOU ALL. Faith Omoniyi!We started talking some weeks ago and I’ve grown so fond of you that I tell you my wins immediately. Thank you for the prayers.

Victoria Eegunranti(my girl) Mr. Kola; the man who never gets tired of my rants and editing of my works, Ayomide Agbaje; a skillful journalist who encourages me, Paul Omoniyi, Pelumi Oniyide(Best friend), I love you all. To my wonderful church members who have been my support and to my wonderful uncles; THANK YOU!

Let me tell you about my little achievements.

Since I embarked on this journey, I’ve written over 25 published stories on UCJ’s website, campus reporter, and other media outlets. In May 2021, Sunday — my guy and I were selected with 8 other journalists for a 3-months mentorship program with Ruth Olurounbi.

In May 2021, alongside Sunday — my guy and Osaro — my gee, I attained a selection as a volunteer for The Vent Republic; a Nigerian online Newspaper.

In June, 2021: Some selected campus Journalists from my school were trained by the Premium Times center for investigative Journalism. In the end, we were given a practical session on story writing. My team came second while Sunday’s team came third.

In June, 2021: I secured another mentorship program with Tosoyi Adegunle on content writing and communication via SMPN. And many more outside Journalism because I’m as well, a content writer, editor, and proofreader. And of course, I’ve gotten so many achievements in that field too.

My mentor? Fisayo Soyombo! I had known this man even before I started Journalism and I’m so in love with what he does. I could spend hours on his Twitter page reading investigative stories. Well done, Sir!

I had always told Sunday that I would like to work in Aljazeera as the Investigative Journalism Head — I just want to do anything that has to do with crime. I’m obsessed, maybe. Lol! I would also establish a media outlet where my staff and I would be focused on investigative journalism only. WATCH OUT!

Now listen, I want you to bear in mind that I’m just a 100 level student, but I didn’t limit myself. I gave myself out for exploration. I know what I want and I’m chasing it. Please, put God first. Build healthy relationships and move closer to people. Don’t believe you know it all.

By the way, I’m still a very small girl. Achieving and smashing goals is all that matters. Happy Birthday To Me!

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