Senator Dino Melaye Finally Reveals What Funds His Expensive Lifestyle (Read)

Some of my colleagues can not even afford 500, 000 naira now, he says

Former Senator representing Kogi West, Dino Melaye has in a rare banter- discussion with Ovation Publisher, Chief Dele Momodu, and Davido’s Uncle, Ademola Adeleke gave a sneak-peak into how he funds his very expensive and showbiz lifestyle.

The flamboyant Senator has been questioned by a large section of Nigerians over his constant and unapologetic display of wealth on Social Media, with many querying that a onetime Senator and former House of Representative member couldn’t have made that from his salaries and wages as a legislator without dipping his hands in the nation’s coffers illegitimately.

THE VENT REPUBLIC reports that the outspoken Senator in a tete-a-tete with Journalist Dele Momodu and Senator Ademola lamented the wrong insinuations people peddle about him.

In his words:

“Money making, you see the theory of money-making is access and information. When people come and say you make money from the government, I tell people, I have colleagues in the senate who today, as I am speaking to you today, cannot afford 500k and we just left in 2019. They can’t raise half a million. I have colleagues who were in the senate and as I am speaking to you right now, they have no house of theirs in Abuja. So when they say I make money from the senate, I just laugh because the truth of the money is that, the whole money you get in 4 years, put it together, how much is it, that is what I use in buying 1 Lamborghini. But if you understand money making, you will know that money-making is access and information, if you have the right access, you have the right information and you must always work towards that the Bible has three definitions for money, for you to know how important money is, it said money is a defense, it said money answereth all things and it said money is the wheel of progress, owo ni keke ihinrere , so if you have the knowledge of these three and you know how important it is, all you need is access and information.”

Melaye gave a little insight into some investments he had risked more than 16 years ago when he said:

“When I started investing in this country about 17 years ago, people thought I am crazy or mad, there was an investment I did for 350k about 12 thirteen years ago, today the value of that business is over 6 million dollars and it has given me over 15 million dollars over the years and it’s still there and I have never been there more than twice, it runs itself, I don’t know how they recruit, I don’t know how they go to poultry and get all the chicken, because it’s a management company. After every monthly audit, tax, everything, they remove their own 10 percent management fees, the next thing is my bank account ringing gbaam! Alert. You know that that has really led to about three or four other franchises. “

“Or just emission, I have emission where people just drive their cars, nobody is there, just go there, flush your emission and you will pay, I didn’t employ anyone there, as you don’t need to employ someone, you are the one to go there yourself and pay and I would be where I am and the money will enter, that is what is called Ozuzu, you would think it’s a thrift contribution and you know when the dollar reaches our side, it has muscles, develops value. So you will now begin to laugh at idiots when the bible is very very, its complete , it says my people perish for lack of knowledge because they don’t know what sup, they don’t know what time how it is, they don’t know what to invest in.”

Senator Melaye also revealed the one thing he asks God for when he said:

“The best thing on earth, is the thing you ask God for, I have never gone on my knees and say God give me motor , I want a car , or I say God, I want money, I have never asked God for money or for a house , I have never in my life. The only thing I ask God for is direction, that’s all. The only thing I ask God for is direction. Because when God gives you direction, every other thing would be added, if God gives you an idea, just one idea, you can see that you have made it, just one idea, you don’t need to struggle again and the metamorphosis is instantaneous, enormous, people just be saying, this boy, he has Lamborghini, this boy he has rolls Royce, people will say, sell these cars, you are not helping anybody, ignorance.”

Speaking on his passion for automobiles :

“Number 1, everyone got his passion, my passion is cars, some other occult have their passion is blood, they can shed blood for any amount of money, some other passion for other guys, they are homosexuals, they can sleep with any young man for any amount of money, some other peoples passion is diamonds, some women bags, some shoes, so you can not prohibit a man for his or her passion. And it is not possible, a poor man cannot deliver a poor man, only a rich man can deliver the poor. So if you want me to sell my things to become poor, then who delivers who? Instead of you to sit down and ask God to give you direction, so that you can fulfill and service your passion, you are here criticizing another person.”

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