Pastor Enoch Adeboye, popularly known as Daddy GO by all and sundry Son, Leke Adeboye went overboard by calling the Parish Pastors of the Redeemed Christian Church of God “Goat” for preaching their own sermons after Daddy G.O. had finished preaching the Word God.

This irrational action portrayed by Leke Adeboye, however did not sit well with the masses as they find it demeaning and disrespectful and clamoring for his suspension as the best punishment to be meted on him. Usually, on every first Sunday,The parishes listen to a sermon delivered by Daddy .G.O which is usually streamed from the National Headquaters and projected in all the Redeemed Parishes which is meant to be the only sermon for the day followed by offering and thanksgiving. Some pastors in the parishes however breaches this legislated rule by preaching their own sermon after Daddy G.O. Sermon which had greatly enraged Leke Adeboye causing him to disrespect call them demeaning name.