See what Bisi Alimi passes through daily

Bisi Alimi

Popular Nigerian-British gay rights activist, Bisi Alimi, has called out a man who sent him a hostile message on via his Instagram Direct Message.

Bisi Alimi, Nigeria’s first openly gay man in his post said he has been getting a lot of nasty messages since his comment on the Annie Idibia outburst as well as his statement that he doesn’t have a creator.

The man who sent him the vile message wrote

”You gay fucker. You die of hiv”.

He wrote: ”I woke up to this message from this human in my dm. I personally think of all the most horrible messages I have received since my post about Annie and my reply to a question in my story, this is the nicest.

The question is; to those of you, picking up your phones, opening Instagram, coming to my page, clicking the message icon to send hurtful, hateful messages, what really is your mission in this life? After the message do you get alert in your bank account or an extension to your life? You could use the time you are wasting on hate, to better your life, and speak positivity into your poverty but no, bitterness won’t let you be.

Las las, we will all eat breakfast”

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