Prince Harry blasts Palace – insists he took permission from Queen Elizabeth to use her nickname for his daughter

The Duke of Sussex, Prince Harry has insisted that he and his wife Mergan Markle told Queen Elizabeth that they wanted to name their recently born daughter after her nickname ‘Lilibet.’

 In a sensational war of words with the Palace, Prince Harry blasted a Palace source who claimed he and Meghan “never asked” Her Majesty about using her childhood nickname.

After the name of Harry and Meghan’s daughter was announced, it was said that Harry had spoken to his grandmother prior to naming their daughter and told her of plans to name her Lilibet.

A Palace source told the BBC this was not the case – and the Queen was “never asked” about its use.

Responding to the Palace source, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s official spokesman said: “The Duke spoke with his family in advance of the announcement, in fact his grandmother was the first family member he called. 

“During that conversation, he shared their hope of naming their daughter Lilibet in her honor. 

“Had she not been supportive, they would not have used the name.”

Some royal commentators have criticized the use of the Queen’s childhood nickname as rude opining that not even Prince Charles dare called her by that name.

Lilibet was the name given to Queen Elizabeth by her father King George VI when she couldn’t pronounce her name while still a toddler and the name has stuck ever since.

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