Obi Cubana reacts to Jaruma’s assertion that Kayamata cannot work on him because of his spiritual protection

Popular businessman Obi Iyiegbu a.k.a Obi Cubana has reacted to claims of kayamata seller Jaruma that her kayamata cannot work on him because of his spiritual protection.

Jaruma in a viral video said a lot of ladies have followed the name of Obi Cubana to her to work on using her products and she has informed them that her products can’t work on someone like him because he has spiritual protection.

According to Jaruma, before her products can work on Obi Cubana, his protection must be broken if not there’s nothing any lady can do to have him or his money as his spiritual protection is so strong that nothing can break it.

Obi Cubana reacting to that said since it’s coming from Jaruma herself that no lady can use her products on him, then it’s going to heaven straight and so shall it be, that no woman can break his spiritual protection.

According to him, after all, it’s coming from the mouth of Jaruma herself hence it’s going to heaven straight into God’s ears which means no woman would ever be possible to use any of her products on him to get his money.

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