Obasanjo to float new party ahead of 2023 elections

There are speculations that former President Olusegun Obasanjo is planning on forming a new political party to accommodate disgruntled interests in the APC and PDP ahead of the 2023 general elections.

Vanguard reported that Obasanjo is confident that the two major political parties would be mired in serious legal and political problems, putting them in a bad position to contest and win the upcoming elections and build a national government.

According to the source, while the former president has declared withdrawal from political activities, he is still engaged in mobilizing people, notably in selecting who wins significant offices in the 2023 elections.

The source said:

“Even as the name for the hybrid party has not been made public as we speak, Baba (Obasanjo) is seriously mobilising his keen loyalists and die-hard supporters across the country to actualise his dream of installing a government that would be answerable to him.”

“Baba is afraid of the growing personalisation of the party by one man and the growing rancour with other stakeholders of the PDP and he does not want to put all his eggs into the troubled ship,” the source added.

“In fact, it was for these reasons that the former President has been moving round and consulting with those he believes can help in realising the new political thinking.”

“The three former governors are to subtly coordinate the activities of the hybrid party in the North-West, North-Central and South-west zones, while efforts are being made to name more coordinators for the remaining areas of the country,” the source added.

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