North Korea Dares USA, Tests Nuclear Missile Capable Of Striking Anywhere On Earth

North Korea Dares USA, Tests Nuclear Missile Capable Of Striking Anywhere On Earth

The government of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea has declared that it is ‘fully ready for a long-standing confrontation with the US after the East Asian country successfully tested its ‘monster’ nuclear missile, which is said to have the capacity to strike anywhere on Earth.

The North Korean government alluded to the fact that it test-fired its biggest intercontinental ballistic missile under the direct orders Kim Jong Un, with the country’s ruler vowing to expand the North´s ‘nuclear war deterrent’, as it prepares its armory for a ‘long-standing confrontation’ with the United States.

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State media on Friday reported on Friday that the new launch was a huge, new Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) with the country leader, Kim Jong Un affirming that the test was designed to showcase the might of the country’s nuclear force and also to deter potential U.S. military incursion.

This would be the first-ever full ICBM test by North Korea since 2017 and THE VENT REPUBLIC reports that the launch drew consternation and condemnation from leaders in the U.S, Japan, and its neighboring South Korea. But undeterred Kim Jong posited that the test would show the world the country’s strength, convincing the populace of the modern features of North Korea’s strategic forces.

According to Flight data, the missile propelled higher and longer than all of North Korea’s earlier tests, as it crashes into the sea west of Japan.

The ICBM dubbed the Hwasong-17, is the largest and most significant liquid-fueled missile ever launched by any country from a road-mobile launcher and North Korea seems to be at the forefront of this.


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