Nigerian Youths Do Not Know How Lucky They Are To Have Buhari.

The Nigerian Youths were blasted by an Islamic group for protesting on the 12th of June. The group said that Nigerian youths are very ungrateful as they do not know how lucky they are.

The actions of the president, Muhammadu Buhari was highly commended by the group and they feel it’s quite unfortunate that the youth protested against a saint like him. It is not to be forgotten that quite a number of Nigerian youths took to the street on June 12 to protest against Buhari’s government. Some youths urged the president to resign, others want him to do better by tackling the issues in the country, such as insecurity, unemployment and the likes.

Less than a week after the protest, an Islamic group identified as MURIC has blasted all the protesters saying that they made a mistake by protesting again the government.
The MURIC group said the president has been doing his job well, so he does not deserve to be impeached in anyway. The group said Buhari is just like the Jesus in the Bible.

According to the group spokesman, the protesters do not know the worth of the president. He said the youths are treating Muhammadu Buhari the same way some people in the Bible treated Jesus Christ. He said Jesus did so much for the people, yet they were ungrateful to him; this is similar to what Nigerian youths did on the 12th of June.

The MURIC group also condemned the actions of Oyo state governor, Seyi Makinde for joining the Oyo state protest again the President.

The group said the protest lacked morals.

TVR Correspondent learnt also that the group said the President ought to be celebrated because he was the one who picked June 12 as democracy day.

However, other secession agitators like IPOB and the Yoruba Nation urged the president to grant them referendum and allow them to go.

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