“My son will never call my new husband ‘dad’ because his father is still very much alive” – Toyin Lawani

Celebrity stylist, Toyin Lawani has stated that her children are not allowed to call her husband, Segun Wealth, Dad.

According to the mother of two, it’s not right that her kids refer to her husband as dad when they have their fathers alive.

She stated this in reaction to a fans comment on her page suggesting that one day her son, Tenor would call his step dad, Segun Wealth, “Dad”.

She noted that she will never let him do that, as the idea is wrong and would be unfair on the little child.

“I won’t let him do that no matter what, is it like he doesn’t have his own dad, no is no, that is wrong”, she replied the fan.

Sharing a screenshot of her exchange with the fan on her Instagram page, she further explained why her kids are not allowed to call her husband ‘dad’.

“On this pregnancy series I’m here to touch all areas, someone made this comment on my previous post, And I had this to say, Why would I feel comfortable for my kid to call my husband dad when it’s not like his dad is dead or something, I have never and will never stop my kids from their dads regardless of our situations.”

“I make sure they have a life with their dads and I don’t get involved, I feel its extremely wrong to support such, Every child deserves the right to know right from wrong, everyone’s pain and story is different so they are free to make their decisions the way it dims them fit, you don’t even want to know half of my pain but I decided to choose my kids happiness always and put things behind me to co-parent.”

“For the greater good and balanced life for my kids, some people don’t forgive easily, so I can’t be the one to tell them what to do or decisions to take or what to do with their kids, But as for me, I can forgive but I don’t forget, my child ain’t calling nobody dad except his dad, it’s still doesn’t mean he won’t respect his stepdad and know that’s a fatherly figure to look up to, but it’s best to let them know the truth and value it for the future the way you go with them might be the same way they go with their kids and they will think that’s the right thing to do, always think about the future when making decisions, teach them love and compassion over pain. She wrote.

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