Mass Delinquency in Jamb; The way forward for students.

The Joint Admissions and matriculation board(JAMB) which was established in 1978 to give students admission into tertiary institutions has persisted in a major exam body conducting UTME in all the states of the federal republic of Nigeria. Since her commencement, it has been many people’s dilemmas as they can’t dance to the tune of the exams.

I could vividly recall an interview I had with a student who wrote the 2021Jamb examination. “The said student said she was just reading past questions till the day of her exam”. This caught my attention and I began to inform her that past questions should just be a guide for you to know the system of such a subject. However, your primary source of information should be your textBooks. 

To prevail on the safe side, and increase every student’s opportunities of succeeding, there are certain things which every student could do to emerge successfully in the exams. 

First and foremost, every Student must comprehend that the truth remains that academic excellence solely depends on the vehement study of your textbooks and other recommended books in the syllables.

Also, many students have tallied successes in their Jamb exams because of the determined study of the syllable. 

Most importantly, the JAMB UTME examination is not an exam for newborns, but for experienced minds, who are ready to face the other world of the university.

In conclusion, the examiners give a very particular time of about 40 minutes. However, jamb time delays for no man as it ticks every second.

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