I nearly bleached my skin when I was younger – Tiwa Savage

Popular Nigerian artiste and brand ambassador, Tiwa Savage revealed that she once wanted to bleach her skin when she was about 14 years old in a bid to escape bullying from her white school mates.

She disclosed this to She disclosed to Daily Trust “I actually did try to bleach my skin when I was about, I think 14 or 15 years. when she revealed her struggles in accepting herself as a black teenager while she lived and schooled in the United Kingdom many years ago.

She said she mixed some creams with lemon and her mother got to find out which left her very disappointed in her.

She said: “I actually did try to bleach my skin when I was about, I think 14 or 15 years. Even now I have patches on my back. My mom was cleaning my room and saw the cream that I used to mix with lemons. She wasn’t angry. it was more her disappointment. So I stopped but I was always insecure about being dark.”

She went on further to say: “I have a platform and I’m digging more into my responsibility for younger people,” she says. . When I started my career I wasn’t embracing who I was fully yet because I was just trying to crack into the market,” she says. “My first two singles were very American and it wasn’t very African. But then, as time went on, I just started seeing how powerful my platform was and how mothers would say, ‘My little girl really looks up to you.’

 “And I feel like there’s so much pressure now and it’s going to get even worse with social media and there needs to be a balance. There need to be some people that are not too perfect. I know we want to look good. I don’t want to be out there looking jacked up, but I also want to look relatable.”

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