How To Apply For a Student Visa In Spain

How To Apply For a Student Visa In Spain

You can travel to Spain on a student visa to study, train, participate in a student exchange, or work as an unpaid intern there for more than three months. Without a visa, citizens of the EU and Switzerland can go to Spain to study.

Types of Student Visa In Spain

Spanish student visas come in a variety of forms and have varying terms of validity. Students must submit a variety of documents together with their application at a Spanish embassy or consulate. Before applying, a course must first be accepted.

Students from nations that qualify for visa-free access for up to 90 days may enroll in a course without needing to apply for a student visa (as long as the duration of the course is shorter than 90 days).

Those traveling from nations that are not exempt from visa requirements must apply for a Schengen Student Visa. Applications must be submitted at a Spanish embassy or consulate in the student’s country of residence in order to study in Spain.


Short-term Student Visa visa for between 3 and 6 months

Students who have a short-term student visa may enroll in courses lasting up to 180 days.

As there is less paperwork needed, the application is simpler than the one for longer courses. There is never a reason to renew a short-term student visa.

With this form of visa, students are able to enroll in short-term courses at colleges and institutions as well as Spanish language classes.

Long-term Student Visa for more than 6 months

Students with long-term student visas can enroll in courses lasting more than six months.

Students must apply for a student residency permit at an immigration office within a month of arriving, in addition to completing the visa application.

Compared to short-term visas, this sort of visa application requires more paperwork. A medical certificate and a certificate of no criminal conviction are required of applicants.

How Student Visas Work in Spain

  • The student visa must be obtained before traveling to Spain, not once there. It is advised that you submit your application between one and three months before the day you plan to arrive. Applications submitted more than 90 days prior to the program’s start date won’t be accepted.
  • By visiting the official website of the visa center, you can find out more information on how to apply for a visa in Spain. BLS in Spain. an extended stay The TIE (Tarjeta de identidad de extranjero) Residence Card for Foreign Students, a temporary permission that enables you to remain lawfully in Spain, can be obtained with a type-D visa.
  • It can be renewed annually for lengthier courses, but it is only good for one academic year.
  • Within 30 days of arriving in Spain, you must apply for your TIE card. You can do this at a police station or a foreigners office (immigration center).

Eligibility Criteria for Student Visa in Spain.

  • Candidates need to have been accepted into a course before applying for a student visa for Spain. Applying for a visa should be done two to three months before to your intended trip to Spain in order to give the necessary processing time.
  • The particular documents needed varies based on the consulate, the applicant’s situation, and the desired course of action. Although the paperwork required for a student visa may change depending on your circumstances, the following documents are crucial:
  • Two current passport-size photos, a completed visa application form, a passport that is valid for the entire time you plan to be in Spain, and an acceptance letter from a Spanish university are all required.
  • Details about the study program (extended details regarding your chosen degree within the university, such as the hours of study per week)
  • Medical coverage that at least equals 30,000 EUR for the duration of your study.
  • Documentation demonstrating your ability to pay for your stay (at least 900 EUR per month)
  • The cost of obtaining a medical certificate for a visa (60 EUR)
  • Criminal Record Certificate (issued in the last five years by the relevant authorities in your home country)

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How Long Is The Spain Student Visa Valid?

If you satisfied the conditions when you applied, you may acquire your permission, which would allow you to stay in the country for a year, and you could renew it each year if necessary.

That is, until you were done with your studies. The world has evolved. An application for a two-year student visa is currently open. This means that if your training or course lasts for two years, you won’t need to extend your stay during the interim or renew your visa.

At the end of the year, you can renew your card without requesting a new visa. You must, however, renew it.

Fees and Cost of Student Visa In Spain

A student visa in Spain costs a flat fee of:

  • $160 for Americans
  • $95 for Canadians,
  • and $67 for all other nationalities

Work in Spain with a Student Visa

Students may work part-time or in a temporary capacity during the course of their studies in Spain with a student visa. The candidate’s work cannot interfere with their studies, and the maximum number of hours per week cannot be more than 20.

The employer must get a work authorization from the Foreign Office in order to hire a person with a student visa. The length of the job agreement cannot exceed that of the student visa. The work permit is not necessary for internships that are integrated into a course. 

How to Apply For Student Visa In Spain

Step 1: Wait for your acceptance letter after applying for a spot at a Spanish university.

You must make up your mind before submitting an application for a student visa if you are still undecided about where you want to study in Spain. After being approved, a Spanish university will send you an acceptance letter. This letter is required for your visa application.

Step 2: Find out what kind of student visa you’ll need to attend a Spanish university.

Remember that non-EU/EEA citizens who are students from specified nations may enter Spain visa-free for stays of up to 90 days. To find out if this applies to you or if you genuinely need a student visa, get in touch with the nearest Spanish embassy in your nation.

The majority of non-EU/EEA students need the Spanish Resident Card (TIE), which can only be obtained with a long-term student visa. If you have the TIE, you are allowed to stay in the nation while you are a student.

The TIE can be renewed every year until you finish your studies, however it is only good for one academic year. It is crucial to understand that if you are already in Spain, you cannot apply for a student visa. Only submit an application before to departing your home country.

Once in Spain, you are unable to modify the sort of visa you are holding. You must obtain a visa from the Spanish Embassy or Consulate in your area in order for it to be valid.

Step 3: The Application Process

Once you’ve been accepted to a Spanish university, get in touch with the local Spanish embassy or consulate to see what paperwork you’ll need to submit for your visa. Depending on the consulate or laws in your native nation, other documents might be needed.

In some consulates, you must make an appointment; in others, you can just leave the paperwork. You must make an appointment or go to the consulate as soon as possible to leave the necessary documents.

Your visa application may take anywhere from a few weeks to three months to process. For the most recent procedure time estimates, always visit the consulate’s website.

Step 4: Take note of the paperwork and language prerequisites. Prepare them.

International applicants for university admission are not required to provide documentation of their Spanish language skills. The majority of colleges offer degree programs taught in Spanish that need for applicants to have a strong command of the language.

The documentation requirements and steps you must take to obtain your student visa in Spain were already covered in this post. Make certain that everything is prepared.

Student Visa Processing Time In Spain

In Spain, obtaining a student visa is a quick process. According to studies from several nations, you can submit your application for a student visa in Spain even in a month.

Can I Get A Student Visa In Spain Without IELTS?

The Spanish exam that is most frequently approved is the DELE (Diploma de Espaol Como Lengua Extranjera).

Unless you are from an English-speaking nation, you will need to demonstrate a strong command of the English language if you choose to enroll in an English-taught program in Spain. Among the accepted exams are IELTS, PTE Academic, and C1 Advanced.

Working While Studying in Spain

  • Students may work part-time or in a temporary capacity while enrolled in school in Spain with a student visa. The job cannot conflict with the candidate’s academics and cannot need more than 20 hours per week.
  • The employer must first get a work permit from the Foreign Office in order to hire someone with a student visa. Under the aforementioned restrictions, it is acceptable for international students to work in Spain:
  • If you want to work full-time, you can only do so for three months and not during the academic year; you can only work full-time during an academic year.
  • When working part-time, your hours should not conflict with your school hours.
  • For each choice, you will require a work permit that is good for the whole term of your employment agreement but may not exceed the length of the student residence permit.
  • As long as your internship is related to your field of study and is a result of a collaboration between your university and the internship site, whether it be public or private, you won’t need a work permit.


Frequently Asked Questions on Student Visa In Spain

How long is a student visa valid in Spain?

Six months or more. The three to six month duration of the short-term student visa. For up to 180 days, students can enroll in classes with the Short-Term Student Visa.

What is the price of a student visa to Spain?

A student visa in Spain costs a flat fee of: $160 for Americans, $95 for Canadians, and $67 for all other nationalities

Does it take little effort to get a student visa in Spain?

Student visas are typically simple to obtain after acceptance into a Spanish university. A long-term visa, which can be obtained through a Spanish consulate or embassy in your place of permanent residency, is normally needed for foreign (non-EU) students to enter Spain.

In Spain, how much money can a student make?

The minimum wage in Spain is roughly €1,000 ($1,200), with the average annual salary being €23,000 ($28,100). Of course, part-time employment pays less every month. For overseas students working part-time in Spain, the minimum pay is €450 ($550).


A student visa is a form of residency authorization that enables candidates to remain in Spain while they pursue studies at public or private universities, carry out research, or get training.

In particular, this permit is the perfect choice for people who want to enroll in any master’s degree, postgraduate course, P.h.D., or bachelor’s degree program in Spain.






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