It is not simple to relocate to Germany. But if you’re patient and plan ahead, you’ll enjoy many benefits from residing in this European nation.
Are you prepared to go to Germany right away? We’ve created a step-by-step moving to Germany checklist to assist you.


You need to know where to begin if you want to fulfill your ambition of relocating to Germany.
That is the purpose of a checklist! At first it may seem like an unnecessary hassle, but if you get organized with your documentation, you won’t be able to picture going to Germany without one.

How to migrate to Germany is as follows:

  • Discover the basic knowledge of Germany.
  • Analyze your needs to see if migrating to Germany is a good decision.
  • Determine your preferred living location.
  • Create a budget that takes living expenses into account.
  • Find out what is needed to live in Germany.
  • Look for a place to live in Germany.
  • legalize and translate your paperwork.
  • Get health insurance by applying.
  • Get ready and purchase your tickets to Germany.
  • In the town hall, register.
  • Open a bank account in Germany.
  • Make a request for a residency permit.
  • your driver’s license for another one.
  • Get ready for the move of your pet to Germany.
Gain a basic understanding of Germany
German tradition
Did you know that silent hours in Germany are governed by law? In fact, set aside some time to research about German culture, lifestyle, and dietary customs to avoid surprises like this one. Consider whether you regard a cultural fit and get ready to learn the new customs.
English language
There isn’t really a must to learn German, but it can undoubtedly assist you get around the city and overcome a language barrier. Even while speaking English in a place like Berlin certainly won’t be too difficult, learning German will improve your chances of finding employment and integrating.
There are four distinct seasons in Germany, with typically pleasant summers and chilly winters. Even though they are uncommon, the country’s various mountains and hills cause its temperatures to vary. In some areas, a 100-km radius can even see noticeable temperature changes!
seasonal average
Winter typical
24° / 14° 4° / -1°
24° / 13° 4° / -2°
23° / 12° 4° / 0°
Hamburg, Germany
25° / 15° 6° / 1°
Stuttgart: 24°, 15°, 6°, and 1°
24° / 14° 6° / 1°
23° / 13° 6° / 1°\s2.
Analyze your needs to see if migrating to Germany is a good decision.
Make sure Germany is the ideal location for your needs before making the big move there. Start by investigating educational or job options in your field.
Find out what it’s like to be a foreign student in Germany if you intend to pursue a higher education. Can you balance employment and school? Or perhaps you might get a scholarship to help with the costs?
Make sure you are familiar with German work culture and salary if you are moving there for a job. Make sure you know how to give your application that “German touch” if you haven’t found a job yet.
Do you want to be your own boss? Find out what it takes to start a business or work for yourself in Germany.
Determine your desired living location.
Find out which city best meets your needs and wants if you don’t already have a destination in mind.
For individuals looking for a safe, family-friendly community with the highest quality of life, Munich might be the best option. Berlin, though, would be your greatest option if you’re looking for culture and nightlife.
In order to make a sensible choice for your new home, spend some time to investigate the greatest German cities to live in.
Create a budget that takes into account the cost of living.
Do you have the means to live in Germany? In Germany, prices substantially differ between cities. Therefore, you may only respond to that question after researching the cost of living in your intended location:
Berlin\sMunich Hamburg\sFrankfurt
Even if there are numerous methods to save money in Germany, make sure you create a budget that is reasonable for your needs.
 Learn the requirements for acquiring German residency.
You can easily change your place of residence if you’re moving to Germany from the EU without too much hassle. Your new address has to be registered only.
However, one of the most crucial stages if you are from a non-EU nation is being familiar with the demands of your student or work visa.
It’s preferable to create a relocation folder on Google Drive or Dropbox to compile all the necessary information in one location so that you always have access to it.
 Locate housing
One of the documents you’ll need to include with your visa application is proof of housing. Additionally, commencing your search for a home in Germany early will help you cope with the stress of moving because you’ll have plenty of time to select the ideal residence.
Look at the amenities that various neighborhoods have to offer. For instance, as a student, you might want to think about less expensive options that are close to the action and have strong public transportation connections. In that situation, renting a room in a student residence is a smart way to save money.
Let’s quickly review Germany’s average rent costs:
City Room Studio Apartment\sBerlin €619 €1,066 €1,502\sFrankfurt €613 €864 €1,279
Hamburg €655 €897 €1,318
Munich €784 €1,234 €1,361
Once you’ve located your new residence, don’t forget to read your rental agreement well before signing it and, if you have any issues, contact the landlord. If the monthly cost does not include service fees, you will be responsible for setting up utilities like internet on your own.
 Before traveling to Germany, have your documents translated and legalized.
Make sure all of your necessary paperwork are translated into German and apostilled before traveling to Germany. Consider paperwork like diplomas, birth, marriage, and divorce certificates.
 Obtain medical insurance
Make sure you have the appropriate health insurance for the duration of your visit.
You must have a valid insurance plan in order to enroll in a German institution as a student. Fortunately, if you must take one out in Germany, you will be given a reasonable student rate.
You will receive a certificate from your company saying that they will cover the mandatory insurance you need in order to work in Germany if you are moving there for employment. However, you might need to purchase supplementary travel insurance to cover the time until the start of your employment if you don’t have a European Health Insurance Card.
 Finish and book your flights to Germany.
You should terminate your utility service, local subscriptions, and your rental agreement a month before you move. Additionally, now is a fantastic time to purchase your train or flight tickets because the earlier you do it, the cheaper your final price will be!
Set up the shipping of your possessions to Germany if necessary. And you’re ready to go!
 Sign up at Town Hall.
Once you arrive in Germany, one of the first things you should do is notify the Bürgeramt (citizenship office) of your new address.
To open a bank account and apply for a residency permit, you’ll need your certificate of registration.
You will instantly receive your Tax ID by mail within two to three weeks after registering.
 open a bank account in Germany
Before you can pay your rent, get paid, or even get a gym membership, you must open a bank account in Germany and transfer your money there. Even if “cash only” is still frequently used in Germany, the sooner you open a local bank account, the simpler it will be to make payments and handle other business-related duties there.
 Make a residence permit application
You can submit your application for a residence permit to the Foreigners’ Office (Ausländerbehörde) and schedule an appointment once you have your registration certificate, bank account, and health insurance.
Of course, you can skip this stage if your nation is an EU member.
 Swap out your license to drive
Even though riding is becoming more and more common in Germany, you might wish to acquire a car or perhaps you already have one to get to work. In that situation, you must swap your driving license for a German one within six months, unless you are an EU citizen.
Additionally, you must at the very least register your car and purchase liability insurance for it. Or, even better, purchase full coverage auto insurance from a German company.
 Get ready for your pet to move to Germany
You and your pet are moving, right? Then, you must ensure that your pet is microchipped and has the necessary paperwork.
Moving to Germany soon?
We assure you that with a little planning, your transfer to Germany will go well. You won’t forget anything if you modify the checklist to suit your particular requirements and keep an eye on it.
Now that you are fully informed on moving to Germany, it is time to begin preparing!

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