Relationship and mental health advocate, Blessing Nkiru Okoro aka Blessing CEO, has advised ladies against shaving their pubic hairs.

The self-styled ‘intellectual entertainer’ in a video begged ladies to rather trim than shave pubic hairs noting they are at the site to ward off bacteria and infection from gaining entrance into the body.

The controversial celebrity who once posed in a house that wasn’t hers said: “Ladies, can you avoid shaving stick? Leave the hairs in your pubic area sometimes. It helps avoid bacterias and infections.

“Those hairs that grow in your pubic area protects something. It’s not every time fiah fiah fiah faih fiah fiah!!!!

“Every time you’re going to see man. Any time you want to go and collect head, fiah fiah fiah!!! That’s why any small thing, infection. It’s so easy for bacterias to go into your private part.

“You know our bodies are very open. That hair in your pubic area is actually protecting something. It’s not for fancy.”

Blessing CEO added: “It’s not every time you take shaving stick, piakam! Piakam!! Piakam!!! Waxing, pia! You tear it out.

“Leave the hairs. I’m not saying you should allow it grow into dada. But let it breathe, trim; don’t shave.”