Desmond Elliot clears the air on his view of social media

Desmond Elliot

Popular actor turned politician Desmond Elliot has come out to once again address claims that he called for the regulation of social media.

Recall that during the EndSARS protest in October 2020, Desmond was dragged after he spoke on the negative impact of the use of social media during the protest. He described some of the users as ”Children”, and even called on his colleagues in the entertainment industry to make good use of the social media space.

”We need to address certain things: Nigerian youth; the social media; the social influencers. All of these are making the narrative that we’re seeing today. Except we’re joking with ourselves, social media, yes though good has its negative impacts.


Please celebrities; please social media influencers, stop the hatred already. You have a means constitutionally to change the government; it’s called your PVC.”he had said

Many Nigerians dragged him on hot coal after the video went viral online.He later released a video on his IG page where he debunked claims that he was calling for the regulation of social media.

In a recent interview with TVC, Desmond again debunked claims that he called for the regulation of social media. In his words


”Firstly, I was never against the influx of social media because the truth is constitutionally, you have a right to freedom of speech. So I have no problems with you having or talking or deliberating on social media. 

If my saying something causes harm to the next person, especially when it is false, what should happen? Should we say because it is social media, let it go? I have no problems with social media. I don’t mind you saying anything, speaking, talking, dancing and saying whatever. I even think it is a relief form these days.”

Desmond Olusola Elliot made his name in Nollywood where he starred in many movies before he joined the murky waters of politics in 2015 when he was first elected into the Lagos State House of Assembly representing a constituency in Surulere.


He is married with four children and is relatively scandal free.


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