Buhari Government is clueless – Charlyboy

Controversial Nigerian entertainer and social critic, Charles Chukwuemeka Oputa a.k.a Charlyboy has lashed out at President Muhammadu Buhari describing him as clueless as to the challenges plaguing the nation.

He spoke in an interview with Daily Post which was monitored by The Vent Republic where he said:

‘’The word that can best describe the current government is ,’clueless.’ Maybe not in the sense that people talk about cluelessness, but because you can’t even appreciate the ideology.

“Nothing lasts forever and nothing is permanent. You may begin a fight, but you can’t determine how it would end because you are not God.

“The only way I see this thing is that it has to get worse before it gets better.’’

“Secondly, already we have a faulty foundation, and you want to be talking about adding levels on the building with solid foundation. So you see, we need to come to the table to know how we will resolve it like a good married couple, else we go to war.

“At the war, the one who is mightier may kill the other and that is why the environment has become toxic and dangerous especially for young people; because how can anything grow in this kind of wasteland?

“I keep saying, ‘my thief better pass your thief, we no go take am go anywhere.’ If na the only time my person dey for government na him be say na correct person because I dey chop from am’ then something is wrong.

“ If you can’t say a thief is a thief and stand by it, then we are only deceiving ourselves because we are as bad the people we are talking about. We say they are bad people and we the followers, are we better?

“Those people came from our environment; maybe there is something wrong with all of us. We should all start to reconsider that. That is why I keep saying, ‘our mumu never do, but ‘e be like say for many people, na follow come.

“The unfortunate circumstance is that we have mother…f* as leaders. We have people with no pedigree, people from the gutter, and you can’t give leadership to those kinds of people. Unless you don’t want progress. We need a lot of serious thinking.”

Charlyboy first came into national consciousness in 1985 with his song ‘Nwata Miss’ and was further popular when he launched The Charly Boy Show in 1991 which aired for a decade before it got rested due to lack of sponsorship. He later co hosted Zoom Time with Tunde Obe where he hosted many celebrities in different walks of life.

He will be 70 this month and is still waxing strong as he recently released a song with rapper, Folarin Falana a.k.a Falz the bad guy.

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