Baba Ijesha: Will you allow your child to be molested all in the name of gathering evidence? – Yomi Fabiyi to Princess

Nollywood actor Yomi Fabiyi has criticized the decision of Princess to bait Baba Ijesha with her foster daughter to reenact the child molestation act that they did seven years ago when she was barely seven.

Baba Ijesha who has been in police custody for over a week now was alleged to have sexually molested the young girl in question after Princess rendered him assistance.

Princess set him up with a CCTV Camera which recorded his sexual violation acts of her daughter which was the evidence used by the police to arrest him.

Yomi Fabiyi opines that the move was wrong and there could have been better ways of nailing Baba Ijesha.

He said on Instagram:

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