Buhari and the 40 year low recession – Augustine Togonu-Bickerstheth

Muhammadu Buhari

Mr. President the health crisis public enlightenment needs to be stepped up beyond building hospitals and isolation centres. Poetry, astronomy and philosophy are healthy. Vegetables and fruits are healthy as well. Also, the use of mosquito nets, sleeping well for 8 hours, managing your weight, avoiding or reducing alcohol, quitting smoking, exercising, hand washing frequently, getting midday sunshine for vital vitamin D for strong bones, healthy teeth and against cancer and depression . Green spaces and nature are good for the mood, keeping a pet, drinking clean water, cooking food thoroughly, laughter is good medicine, honey is healthy, palm wine is healthy, pepper is healthy, nuts are healthy, friendship is health promoting. Socialising is healthy but Practice social distancing in short SOCIAL AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE as personified by Professor Olukayode Oyediran of the University of Edinburgh, Faculty of Environmental Health.

Mr. President please read the fantastic article written by Funmi Ogundare of Thisday newspaper published on July 1 2020 on Nigerian universities uniting to kick out covid 19 pandemic through research. This is an excellent representation of our universities. With these the battle for the soul of Nigeria would be won. Please also note the views of Michael Larbue CEO And MD RMB Nigeria on value addition published in Thisday newspaper on July 7 2020. One of the best from the private sector. We are not going down the 40 year low recession lane .We are October 1; We are number 1.October first….. we should be a first world country. Mr. President ,where is our national supercomputing laboratory?. This is as important as a gas pipeline running from southern Nigeria to northern Nigeria. We have to move from superstition to supercomputing. From the supernatural to supercomputing.

Beyond computing we need to build a strategy for the production of hydrochloric acid because this acid is crucial to industrial development. We need to diversify the economy by diversifying the curriculum in our educational institutions particularly our tertiary institutions. We need to introduce new and fresh courses. Where for instance is our Faculty of fashion in the Nigerian universities? 1 in 6 people in the world are employed in the fashion industry. 218 million Nigerians need to wear clothes. We have only one Professor of clothing and textiles and this is at Funab. The former AMCON Boss and current Chairman of Fidelity Bank, Mustapha Chike -Obi projects 2 million sewing jobs in Nigeria as the sewing capital of Africa in the Thisday newspaper exactly a year ago, July 7 2019. Mr. President Sir, we need faculties of digital industries .The world has gone digital. Personally I would like to see stand alone publishing and creative writing departments in our Tertiary institutions. Agriculture has become sexy and so the need for agro journalism and rural reporting studies in our universities. Agriculture is the new oil Nigeria seems to be doing great with many efforts of Mr. President.

 LADOL as headed by Dr Amy Jadesinmi is unbelievable with respect to agribusiness and industrialization. Nigeria seems to be prepared to get better. Jadesinmi is one of the fantastic four by my own reckoning. The others are the CBN governor, Godwin Emefiele, Minister of agriculture and the Minister of Industry. Unfortunately the ministers waited one year to buy into the vision of the President to generate 100 million jobs.

Mr. President NEITI is not naughty. They are transparent. NEITI can aid you to create millions of jobs via gas. All nigeria’s oil is but a drop on the sea of gas. Gas would save 25 million trees planted. . So there is hope!

 NEITI is hope. I hope that Festus Keyamo would resolve his problems with the senators on the creation of 774,000 jobs. Let’s make all businesses to have websites. It should be compulsory for all government contractors and should be locally designed and developed. It would create an explosion of jobs and oxygen for the economy. Make websites compulsory Corporate Affairs Commission. Have more robust, sophisticated, and innovative thinking. That said the President and Vice President have since become a dynamic duo.

 Defence wise you have adopted the McNamara fallacy. You should try philosophy empathy storytelling, neuro linguistics, film education, nutrition, against the insurgents and the whole range of the social sciences. Good book: Goliath by Sean Mcfate Professor of Defence studies National Defence University USA.

The Minister of Justice and Minister of Industry need to work on and promote intellectual property law in the indigenous Nigerian languages. There should be programmes on radio and television throughout the year on intellectual property. It is embedded in the laws of Nigeria project number 40. Almighty 40!

What’s more Richard Adeniyi Adebayo is doing well but he should court more the main stream media rather than Twitter. Lai Mohammed Minister of Information should discuss with the London school of economics their online programmes for his aides.or potential aides. He needs somebody strong in policy analysis and communication. Try LSE. – London School of Economics!

Mr. President, Restructure! Fix power! Do not depend too much on outsiders to explain the power problem for now. Everyone else seems to be explaining the problem like the blind men standing around the elephant. One of the blind men says its data another says its tariff ,the third says its pension. Let’s have a holistic picture.

Commission Nigerian experts to explain the problem and also set up a centre of excellence in power engineeringand power studies, economics and management

We need to dot our I’s, cross our t’s, curb waste plug loop holes, eliminate looting and pilfering, ramp up productivity and creativity, iron out inefficiencies and drain the lethargic. Repatriate stolen funds and export profits, seek more investment and remittances, trim our moustache and be not a Scaramouch, roll up our sleeves, forget we have a wristwatch to tell the home time or break time, pull ourselves by the boot straps, learn to tie our shoelaces and knot our ties. Grab seat scarves ,wrappers,, blouses skirts, agbada , babariga or igbo itsekiri, ijaw, Urhobo, or any other attire and seat down to the desk promising little but over delivering to the employer and Nigeria because we are not going down recession 40 years low.

Be good hosts and hostesses to visitors especially tourists .Give excellent customer service; exceed the customers expectation for the customer like the farmer is king. All hail the King!.The customer is King!

We need to go back to the drawing board to dig up the badly needed data to develop Nigeria. There is a dearth of data that itself is like death. Flying an aeroplane without radar. We need data. Besides ,inclusivity wise , a bird cannot fly with one wing.

We have paid our dues. We have done the work load; we have the human and natural resources in abundance so we are not going down a 40 year low recession rather instead of creating 100 million jobs in 10 years we are creating 160 million jobs with competitive remuneration, because Nigeria is 60 on October 1.we are number 1.

I am a catalyst and the navigator of the 0ship NS9 Herbert Macaulay with the call sign no poverty no palaver. The Captain of the ship is Professor Abiodun Jeyifo the world’s greatest black studies scholar. I am his eternal apprentice.

NB: If humans were ships and life the sea, then the good was our lodestar and reason our rudder_- Carolyn Steel in Sitopia – How food can save the world.

We have available a cabin for Professor Bolaji Akinyemi the world’s greatest internationalist. Ayo Banjo whose book, ‘Morning by Morning’, we are reading on the ship is the greatest Vice Chancellor and Pro Chancellor of all time.

Augustine Togonu-Bickerstheth wrote in from the United Kingdom.

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