#BBNaija: White Money, Maria And 3 Other Housemates That Has Created The Most Impression So Far (Opinion)

The BBNaija Reality show is in the second week now and housemates are trying their best to entertain the viewers. However, most of the housemates have not come out fully from their shells. This is why Big Brother introduced another set of housemates to spice up the game.

Below are the few housemates that have kept the show lively and entertaining so far;

  1. White Money: I find his strategy the most amusing. He creates happy moments in the house and is very observant of the camera angles. Also, he has found his way into the hearts of the housemates by becoming the unofficial chef of the house. Will kitchen vote finally win Big Brother? Time will tell.

Sometimes, he loses guard and shows that side of him that is trying not to be overwhelmed by the other housemate’s worldliness and exposure. Will he be able to balance it all though or will he overplay his hand?

  1. Maria: She is not just beautiful but has a temper and a voice. Maria has a weak strategy (especially if the males don’t cooperate) but a very strong willed woman. She earned my respect by how well she played the wildcard thing.

Her entanglement with Pere is one of the most talked-about on the show. Will she get played or will she be the player? Or will she re-strategize mid-way through?

  1. Pere: The ex US military personnel is a gamer and is very conscious of his actions. He can read everybody and respond to the information he is collecting. But is he forgetting to engage the viewers?

Will the viewers react negatively to his ability to manipulate other housemates or will they respect him for it? He is doing a good job so far thou.

  1. Angel: She has a multi faceted strategy. The viewers are in love with how she is catching cruise instead of feelings with the guys. Will she be able to sell the wounded, damaged but rebellious facade to cynical Nigerians? Which side will win – the slutty or the good Angel?
  2. Arin: She has a rebellious and touchy character. If there is one person in that house that has all the information at her back hand, it is Arin. The viewers are also curious as to why there are so many piercings on her body. Is she truly cantankerous or she is using that to protect her sensitivity?

These five housemates continue to entertain us with their character.

Drop your thoughts with us on any favorites you support and why?

Written by: Big Brother Naija TV

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