Nollywood actress, Monalisa Stephen, has lambasted a concerned follower who advised her to reduce her belly fat because it doesn’t suit her body.

The plus size actress had taken to her Instagram page to share photos of herself with the caption, “It’s my BODY for Me. It’s Perfect.”

However, the follower took to the comment section to point out that actress’ stomach is bigger than usual and she should do something about it.

She commented, “But ur stomach wasn’t big like this before babe. Biko go back to how it was before. It’s ur body but stop leaving it to get bigger coz ur stomach matched ur size before unlike now that it’s trespassing”.

The actress didn’t take kindly to the followers’ comment as she lashed out that she doesn’t owe any of her followers a flat tummy and anyone who doesn’t like her body should unfollow her on Instagram.

See the exchange below,